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  1. jamesx007

    If you own an entertainment business what would it be?

    if i was own entertainment business- i would bring back buffy the vampire slayer show back!!!!! :dance: :dance: :dance: *snap*
  2. jamesx007

    who is the hell is Daryl Martin?!

    Who is Daryl Martin!?!? he's my roommate- so I need to know! *argh* (muttering) PLEASE DO im me at Jamesx002 if anyone know anything!
  3. jamesx007

    *laughs* nonsense i say!

  4. jamesx007


    there is no way in hell I will pick hitchhikers.. no fucking way
  5. jamesx007

    Guess what I ordered today???

    yayyyyyyy! :D u will become one of s!dek!ck peeps! whoohoo!
  6. jamesx007

    random question

    pizza lunchable and I sleep with 8 pillows
  7. jamesx007

    Guess where

    ermm ok
  8. jamesx007

    Guess where

    kevbo's leading us on goose chase. so he's full of bs!
  9. jamesx007

    I need some opinions

  10. jamesx007

    I need some opinions

    :lol: at matt. shhhh! lol
  11. jamesx007

    Track Tournament

    "ahh you" who?
  12. jamesx007

    Which leads us to ask.... boxers or briefs?

    pepe, resorting to threating? thats sad
  13. jamesx007

    We PEPE

  14. jamesx007

    My paycheck!

    gimme moolahs! :D
  15. jamesx007

    We PEPE

    pepe, whynt you just grow up?
  16. jamesx007

    I need some opinions

  17. jamesx007

    Deaf Streakers

    I'll go blind! :-P
  18. jamesx007

    We PEPE

    Kevbo :Owned: Master PePe! LMAO!
  19. jamesx007

    We PEPE

    :lol: at Kevbo... everyone is PEPE on their own indivduals!
  20. jamesx007

    Happy Mothers Day

    I second that