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    wanna be friends?

    hey! my name is Alexis and i was wondering if anyone wanna be friends
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    Let’s be friends

    i want to practice too i kinda getting it down
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    let’s be friends

    anyone wanna be friends and do sign language
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    lesbian and hard of hearing

    hey! i just came out as lesbian and i have a hard time hearing so if you want to be friends send me a message please
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    Hi Everyone

    hey Lee sorry for the late reply
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    Hi Everyone

    hey lee my name is Alexis
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    Hi Everyone

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    Hey Everyone

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    do you take meds for seizures but when the flashing lights i look away from them
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    making friends

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    making friends

    i’m from texas
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    making friends

    thank you
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    making friends

    hey:) my name is Alexis and i have a cookie bite hearing loss. i would like to make some friends