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  1. EllietheEncourager

    I Wrote A Book! Now What?

    It is a huge accomplishment that you wrote it at all. A friend of mine wrote a book and had his friends read it for editing or soundboarding ideas. Have you let anyone close to you read it? Or post it on a self publishing website for peer review? just a thought. Congratulations on finishing!
  2. EllietheEncourager

    Site Redesign & Enhancements Coming Soon

    I don't see a comment but out of context it seems like someone asked about a dark mode? That would be great. I use it for everything to help with fewer migraine triggers. Thank you for working on it! Take care
  3. EllietheEncourager

    The first signs of Spring! We have a few left here, too. It feels like they held on longer this...

    The first signs of Spring! We have a few left here, too. It feels like they held on longer this year. I hope that is a good sign for the flowers and gardens this season. Hope this finds you well, Analog!
  4. EllietheEncourager

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    Stretching your artistic range and growing, good for you! A break to rest and restore energy is needed at times. I'm sorry you and yours are sick. I hope everyone feels better soon. I had a painful dentist appointment yesterday but am feeling mostly better this morning. Hope you have a good...
  5. EllietheEncourager

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    I can see why; it looks greedy and senseless to try to undermine one of their own. I would have thought Alexis of all people would do better after watching all the episodes of The Sound Off Ladies. If she wants more sales, maybe look inward instead of taking fellow community members down with...
  6. EllietheEncourager

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    Thank you so much for sharing; I have bought stickers from 58 Creations and looked at the ILY necklaces on RoseBYAnder but couldn't afford the price tag. I don't see the infringement; 58 Owner is right- there are variations and no stone options in hers. Just a more affordable price point for a...
  7. EllietheEncourager

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    I didn't know there was controversy with them. Could you tell me more, please? I did try to look it up and couldn't find anything.
  8. EllietheEncourager

    A Thread About Absolutely Nothing! Part III

    Best of luck and a healthy recover to you!!
  9. EllietheEncourager

    5 things to keep in mind for a relationship to last:

    That is such a good way to put it! I love this analogy!
  10. EllietheEncourager

    What dating app do you use?

    I'm sorry someone stole your number; that must be scary and frustrating. Tinder is far from the only dating app. Bumble is one led by women, invented by a woman that had a hand in designing Tinder but it morphed into something she wasn't pleased with so she made her own. Bumble lets the woman...
  11. EllietheEncourager

    Man sentenced to life for raping deaf woman

    Brave of you to set the record straight. Thank you for sharing and I hope you and yours are healing as much as you can after such horrific acts. All my best to you.
  12. EllietheEncourager

    Difficulties Dating needed!

    I'm soooo glad it helped you and hope it helps others. How's it all going? Same Fella? How are things going with your daughter?
  13. EllietheEncourager

    Difficulties Dating needed!

    Have you tried the shorter dates yet to see if it worked? I sure hope you're doing well. :)
  14. EllietheEncourager

    Introducing myself

    Good morning, and welcome :) I hope you start to find a tribe here and people to practice signing with to start your journey.
  15. EllietheEncourager

    Questions/ A Discussion on Being Part of the Deaf Community

    Hey Bex, I have seen the drive-thru still be possible. Just stop to see what you want; type it up and pull up to the first window. I can't promise it will be smooth sailing every time because every interaction with anyone will be different but I think it could work more often than not; from the...
  16. EllietheEncourager

    Deaf in Nashville

    I am glad you're happy with InnoCaption. That's great. When she said she was going to try both, also great. I like comparisons. And, SURE, I'm positive others could give me their input and I'd welcome it. However, Bex and I have been corresponding privately and building a rapport. So, context...
  17. EllietheEncourager

    Motivating my hearing teenager as a Deaf Mom

    If it were me; I'd level with her in your way. Let her know "hey, I MISS you." I miss being able to hear you and talk to you and know what is happening with you. You are not alone, Neither of us need to feel this way. Let's do this together. Learn at a class in the community together? Surely...
  18. EllietheEncourager

    Deaf in Nashville

    @n.bex, I'd love to hear your feedback so I can further help others in the future :)
  19. EllietheEncourager

    Difficulties Dating needed!

    With you open-mind, enthusiasm, and determination; I have no doubt you will go far in this world. :)