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    Happy Birthday E!!!!

    Thank you all soooo much!! I appreicate it that you guys still remember me. Well, I hope you do remember my real name is Elyse! ;) Boy I feel so old, 23, and 7 more years til I'm 30. I had a nice day at work, got to get out for a bit and had a co-worker made me a delicious German chocolate cake...
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    Deaf for life sentence for this kid

    Should this kid deserve it after what he've done to himself? check it out!
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    my nyc trip

    hey that's one of my favorite museums! i hope you enjoyed every moment of it there. what a great muesum, great memories i had there especially sleeping in a sleeping bag under the gigantic blue whale model on my girls scout field trip. oddball, youre gonna love fire island, sunset is a must...
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    Attn: Y!

    Please clean out your PM box, I'd like to send you a PM! Thanks! :)
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    ATTN: Sabrina!

    Please clear your PM box, I need to send you a PM! Thanks :)
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    I have C.L.L. cancer

    dont give up your hopes because there are medicines out there that can halt it. the cancer runs in my family, i wouldnt be surprised if i had one at anytime. one of my relatives is currently fighting incurable cancer for 8-9 years now, after a doctor who expected her to live up to 3-6 months...
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    Leaving the AD

    *jumps in* you know, it was always none of my business and after kept hearing members that ive ENJOYED reading their posts had left AD. im really disappointed in their decision after all they seemed really had good time at AD then all of sudden they wanted out. i wish they were aware that...
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    Deaf employee and phone calls

    we have AIM, faxes, phones, and e-mails to use to communicate with our clients in the office. my manager has to put my promotion on halt due to using relay to communicate with clients. hes still stubbornly doesnt get that there were other ways for me to use to make contacts with clients instead...
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    Deaf employee and phone calls

    i work at a private company and sometimes i made phone calls regarding significant information to clients (other companies) or salesperson. now, i no longer able to make phone calls because my manager felt that using relay operator made our clients upset, or rather impatiently annoyed. from now...
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    Oh, Gawd!!! (Happy Birthday, Alex)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALEXITO!!!!! birthday ol' boy err umm i mean boy! :P i cant wait to get a big surprise for you in 2 weeks!!!! sorry, i couldnt get it in time for a reason but you'll get sthg good very soon that will make your day, or best year you'll have! LOVE YOU!!
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    Are you wondering if that is you?

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: good one, deaf258!
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    How to describe music to a deaf person?

    is it true that people find peace of mind when listening to music? ive been around a lot of hearings, my friends couldnt live without it and they always had to listen music. they always looked in state of mind relaxed while listening to music. so i kind of wish that i could feel what they...
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    What do you see out of your window?

    i looked out for you to see if you'd come over.
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    The Actors/Movies Game

    house on haunted hill
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    Would you eat ______ banana?

    *bump* c'mon!!! vote, people, vote!! :lol:
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    Apprentice 3-- angry contestant gone mad.

    'Apprentice' Chris arrested TAMPA, Florida (AP) -- Real estate millionaire Chris Shelton, a contestant on NBC's "The Apprentice," was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge. Shelton, 22, one of six remaining contestants competing for a job with Donald Trump, was taken into custody early...
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    Would you eat ______ banana?

    your filling in blank would be either green, yellow or brown. please make a selection of your preference. im looking at how much each selection scores so i can make a good review about it. recently, i went to this ice cream place and ordered banana spilt. all color kind of bananas they had...
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    The Actors/Movies Game

    sean connery
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    The Actors/Movies Game

    elijah wood