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  1. Winyan Lakota

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    I'm doing art
  2. Winyan Lakota

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    I am settling down for the night. It's almost 11. Put the dog out, and will read a little. nothing exciting
  3. Winyan Lakota

    Looking for Deaf/HoH friends to video chat with or meetup with!

    Hi Im Deaf too! we can chat and be friends
  4. Winyan Lakota

    Looking for a deaf parent who homeschools. Thanks!

    Sorry i have been busy and off here for awhile. But I"m Deaf and i homeschool. YOu can be in touch with me.
  5. Winyan Lakota

    Deaf/ASL user

    Deaf/ASL user
  6. Winyan Lakota

    The Lounge thread: Whatever you feel like......... Anything goes! Part XVIII

    Hello all!! I have some questions, hopefully is ok if I post here? Does AD still have a blog area for members? And if so, where? Also, it's nice to be here. Thanks for everyone being so kind.
  7. Winyan Lakota

    A beautiful day.

    A beautiful day.
  8. Winyan Lakota

    Introducing myself

    Hello! I am loving everyone's emoji's!!
  9. Winyan Lakota

    Introducing myself

    Thanks! It's named that because of all the wild roses that grow, among other reasons, but that one is my favorite. It's also the place our Tribal buildings are located and where much of our tribal business gets done. :)
  10. Winyan Lakota

    Teaching On Glide

    I don't know how to find my glide info. But my name is mary bb on there....add me if u want
  11. Winyan Lakota

    Teaching On Glide

    I do!! Let me remember what my sign in info is and I'll add u
  12. Winyan Lakota

    What would you rather be doing right now??

    I would rather be camping. I'm over snow/cold.
  13. Winyan Lakota

    Introducing myself

    Thank you. From Head trauma.
  14. Winyan Lakota

    Introducing myself

    Hello, well, I evidently signed up here awhile ago, I don't remember. Anyway, I have recently lost my hearing due to trauma, and am trying to navigate the world as a deaf person. I'm happy to a be part of this world now, but there is so much of the poeple in my life who dont' know how to handle...
  15. Winyan Lakota

    changes. big changes

    changes. big changes
  16. Winyan Lakota


    @Deafdyke, Please explain the wow... I have not read that book before. I should have, but never did. I would be interested in knowing how he describes rosebud. @Deafbirk, no all my Deaf friends are white. I D K any deaf Indians. To all else, more about me. I was born in rosebud, but...
  17. Winyan Lakota

    House Of Cards

    When I clicked on this thread, I thought it would be about the movie, House of cards, which it isn't. It's abotu a show, which I have never seen. The movie is about a mom who's husband dies and she has two kids, one boy one girl. the girl stops...
  18. Winyan Lakota


    Hi, this is Lakota winyan. I'm from Rosebud, SD and i'm happy to have found Alldeaf. I'm hearing but have been long time member of a deaf community. I'm Lakota from Rosebud and my involement in the D comm has a long hx behind it. But i've recently moved back to south central part of state and...