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  1. LDNanna

    Murder near my home

    I remember it was either 1974 or 75 that a serial robber and killer group went through Jacksonville, Florida, Lake Cities Florida and Georgia. Did you know that Rockin Robin?
  2. LDNanna

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Jack Reacher. I thought it was ok and my husband *loved* it. Meh.
  3. LDNanna

    What do you hoard/collect?

    Books, cookbooks but only certain ones, needleworking tools and yarns. Cobalt Fiestaware is a rare but welcome find. I have an almost entire set of cobalt Fiesta now. If my collections start getting out of hand I do sell some on Ebay or Etsy.
  4. LDNanna

    Sign-to-English translation.

    ASL sign for SHAME | American Sign Language dictionary ???
  5. LDNanna

    Your favorite websites to browse?

  6. LDNanna

    Odd signs

    29 Spelling Mistakes From India That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, And Gag
  7. LDNanna

    an old dingy garage...

    I read about this a few years ago. The spaces there in the town are very expensive and hard to get. The owner redid this place when it was not so expensive as other areas. The bed/kitchen area is moveable I think.
  8. LDNanna

    does your spider do this too?

    I. Hate. Spiders. Why am I here??? Leaving! Yikes!
  9. LDNanna

    Best Buy or Verizon for buying new iPhone

    Our Verizon store said that they have no deaf plan but I do not know if that is true. They are NOT deaf friendly here in this town. Our Best Buy is friendly and I like them. If you get phone insurance with them you walk out with a new phone. No kidding. However, they can't authorize a deaf plan...
  10. LDNanna

    What feet are you?

    Mine are not shown. Imagine square like little paddles. There, now you have it. I think mine are "duck".
  11. LDNanna

    What is an easy way to learn sign language?

    There is really not an easy way to learn. It's just like any other language. Learn and use it and continue to learn more and use more. Soon you will be fluent.
  12. LDNanna

    $6,800 3 wheeled car for 2015 (84mpg)

    I like the little car for in town driving. It would be just the thing for an in town job or just some shopping. Perfect for single or retired person.
  13. LDNanna

    Which Star Wars character are you?

    I am Obi Wan. How in the great world did *that* happen??
  14. LDNanna

    California is running out of water.....

    I feel for you. Our lake caught fire. The debris in the bottom of the dry lake spontaneously combusted.
  15. LDNanna

    Why It's Crazy To Try To Set DUI Limits For Marijuana

    Nope. Some cops perceptions of deaf accents are overwhelmingly biased. Many people, cops included, assume that deaf are worse at everything. That we are defects. "some" not all. I find that signing can be mistaken for odd behavior, misunderstood to mean violent or erratic movements even from the...
  16. LDNanna

    Squatters in Apartment Complexes....

    I hope they don't freeze to death. So sad.
  17. LDNanna

    Perceptions of Netflix captions?

    The captions go weird. They take over the center of the screen, linger, the bottom lines only work but pile up. It is awful.
  18. LDNanna

    Do you know about these two?

    Caag, yes. Have it. Global, never heard of it.
  19. LDNanna

    George Zimmerman arrested for domestic violence

    This article details what arms he may have and a timeline of legal incidents. Bustle