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  1. Mart


    Miss you!, we never noticed you'd gone, but welcome back anyway DoVip. :D:h5:
  2. Mart

    What are your hobbies ?

    They are all made by me, it's my hobby, been in the craft trade for 25 years.
  3. Mart

    What are your hobbies ?

  4. Mart

    What are your hobbies ?

    My hobby, making models from wood.
  5. Mart

    Hello I am new

    Welcome to Alldeaf, Krissy.:h5:
  6. Mart

    I'm New here......

    Welcome to Alldeaf, MoMo, you'll find a few friends here, all friendly here.:)
  7. Mart


    Anyone know if facebook links are allowed here?, just thought I'd share my Facebook, showing my hobby of model making. Thought I'd asked first.
  8. Mart

    Share your tips

    That's exactly what I do, helps every time.
  9. Mart

    What are your favorite kitchen gadgets?

    totally agree, I bought an air fryer recently, they cook better than I thought they would. They're great for sausages & bacon too, my perfect sandwich combination.
  10. Mart


    Not even for me Ellie?. :( I love mac-&-cheese.:D:D
  11. Mart

    What did you learn today? Part II

    Sorry to hear that, I wish you all well & a speedy recovery.
  12. Mart

    Best cities for the Deaf

    I I've never considered this kind of question, because I would have thought most cities the deaf would be treated the same. I've never even looked in my area for deaf groups or anything related to deafness, weird maybe, or just lazyness.:lol:
  13. Mart

    62yo loss my hearing at 59 and feel worthless

    Hey Bryan!, don't even think that way, nobody should feel worthless, everyone has something to give to life, think of the positive things you could do & don't say there aren't any. When I first started losing my hearing I really felt down & was upset, thinking my life is gonna go downhill, but...
  14. Mart

    Over the hearing aid choices

    I'm wondering if you could varnish them like with nail varnish, only coloured one I could find are for juniors, just a crazy idea but if you mess them up, don't blame me.:lol:
  15. Mart

    Hello I’m Amanda from Texas!! I’m new

    Hey Mandamarie, welcome to Alldeaf!.:h5:
  16. Mart

    What things should you not say to a deaf person?

    My favourite that I was asked was "why do you wear a hearing aid?" my answer, to keep my ear warm. :rofl: 10 things you shouldn't say to a deaf person. 1: Hey come & listen to this!. 2: Can you please turn the closed captions off?. 3: If you didn't hear what I said, then forget it!. 4: Sorry...
  17. Mart

    hi! my name is Sasha

    Welcome to Alldeaf Slramsay, I'm sure you haven't upset anyone, it's nice what you're doing on behalf of your father, feel free to ask any questions you have. This is a good friendly deaf site & many of your questions can be answered here with some very knowledgeable members.:)
  18. Mart

    How do deaf people talk louder?

    Sounds like a lack of confidence, try thinking more positive, if you have something to say, just say it as clear as you can, it helps looking into the eyes of the people you're speaking to, it will give you a little more confidence & reduce any feeling of intimidation. Btw please don't ever...
  19. Mart


    Merry Christmas, Ellie :kiss: Christine. :kiss:
  20. Mart


    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Hope you all have a nice holiday :cheers: :h5: