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  1. Casperman

    You would love this one !

    also know old cars use gas tanks in rear wherre lic plates are.. i wonder is it programmed to fill up that area too?...
  2. Casperman

    Tree Attack! (URL)

    yea he s lucky,, plus using newer jeep... thats big ouchie!
  3. Casperman

    whats your favourite WHISKY

    I love any Kentucky Bourbons... escpially Markers Mark(Loretto, Ky), Early Times (Louisville, Ky) or Jim Beam(Beam-Clermont, Ky) i grew up in "middle" of those whiskeys factories..
  4. Casperman

    Casperman! Look here!!!!

    Thanks for the comments.. thanks sis.... and mrs bucket,, sadly thats my kinda of people. :lol::lol: but same time they are cool.. hee hee
  5. Casperman

    Police thwart murder plot at VSDB

    i second ya
  6. Casperman

    Raising Children

    i grew up gettin allowances. from my parents and whole grandparents growing up working on farm, and my other grandpas septic business... and around their home and teach me to work.. and what its like when i growing up
  7. Casperman

    Raising Children

    i remember both of my and jolies boys stopped use pacifier when they was 6-7 months old ... our baby son started eating solid foods like corn etc when he was 9 months or so bec older bro feed him LOl... about the discipline thing.. i tend to spoil them sometimes but i do discipline them if...
  8. Casperman

    Any Hot Rodders?

    how much is the HP now on that engine...
  9. Casperman

    2010: Camaro, Challenger or Mustang which wud u pick?

    im a ford/dodge guy i go for Challenger and Mustang.. but if i have to choose between them 2.. Challenger bec of more HP and more room for family to ride
  10. Casperman

    Noticing another similar vechile as yours?

    yes it happened to me and some of them is same colors or samekind of mags or rims lol makin ya confused is that mine? ha
  11. Casperman

    Peanut Butter and Bacon sandwiches

    that was Elvis Presley s one of faves .... he must have bacon on anything
  12. Casperman

    What is your favorite "CEREALS"?

    me=== CORN FLAKES its a must
  13. Casperman

    Your sign name?....

    mines J on the cheek my mom gave me that sign bec when i was born .. i strached my cheek.. my older son same but CE on the cheek.... strange name sign i ever see is S backward on cheek .. my couisns sign name.. bec she signed it when she was born LOL..
  14. Casperman

    I found it!! Gas Station shooting:

    cheri i can imgaine what ya felt after seeing that.. i had experince while i wsa in D.C. saw a man got killed by shooting near subway.. i mean the restuarnt near Gally..
  15. Casperman

    Were you deaf and 'gifted' ?

    while i was growing up i was consider a gifted child but when i becoming a teenager i just gave it all up.. because of pressure from everyone, including teachers and my parents.. later on when i became older i found out i have adhd
  16. Casperman


    i always change my fuilds, filters by mileage or when they get dirtier.. i know need change tranny fluid after 15,000 or 30,000 gas filter every 10-15,000 miles air filter, when it becomes dirty... oil - probally 3,000 to 6,000 k miles i was a ex general serviceman for goodyear years...
  17. Casperman

    College Football Is HERE!!

    bcs is bs .. i belive need playoffs-
  18. Casperman

    Gas Station vs Sex

    I second that :lmao......
  19. Casperman

    My son's milestone

    Other day i took our son to Chuck E. Cheese pizza place in east Louisville for a childhood friends daughter bday party .. all of my old buddies who knew our son since born was SHOCKED when he expressed in angry way .. ME EAT ! ME EAT! bec we was in a long line to get a party room.. all of...
  20. Casperman

    My son's milestone

    yes it was 2 year old when he was recognized by tests etc...head eeg, cat scan etc