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  1. BabyPhat21

    Nor Cali Deaf Chili Cookoff

    It was so much fun and easy to clean up. Everyone pitched in and helped!! We made good money. Many people said they cant wait for the next year!!
  2. BabyPhat21

    Woman and Man Showering

    Sad but true!
  3. BabyPhat21

    Great America Deaf Awareness Day

    Our sorority set up a Deaf Awareness Day at Great America. to see the flier go here Link 1 and print out the mail order (for those wth no credit cards) or go to the great america website to order online. Great America Link TICKETS MUST BE BOUGHT IN ADVANCE!!
  4. BabyPhat21

    Nor Cali Deaf Chili Cookoff

    Here is a better link. Chili CookOff
  5. BabyPhat21

    The Army is better than working on the Farm....

    wow, i was suprised that it was a girl!
  6. BabyPhat21

    State Fair

    yes our is at Cal Expo the State Fair. I am NOT going. its a waste of money and it may be big but they try to ge tmore money from you. it should be free to get in cuz you have to spend almost 100 in there....... not for me....
  7. BabyPhat21

    Nor Cali Deaf Chili Cookoff

    how come I can see it LOL?? vampy you are making me confused. I have the flier as an email I could Email to you and you post it up for me?
  8. BabyPhat21

    Nor Cali Deaf Chili Cookoff

    I am the president of this organization.
  9. BabyPhat21


    lol guys think our accent is so cute! Go for it girl! I am a major flirt with hearing boys. I have to tell them I am deaf when I make phone calls to them but now with help from VCO or the new VRS, it makes it so simple!! Dont tell them you are deaf right away, tell them after they get to know...
  10. BabyPhat21

    to deaf women

    Yes I do date Hearing men - I love it!
  11. BabyPhat21


    Do you have hearing family that thinks you are rude cuz you dont do anything beyond saying "hi" like hug, kiss them or shake their hands...... my family keeps BITCHING me about this but this is who i am. I dont like to act fake. I am not an emotional or friendly or smiley person!!!
  12. BabyPhat21

    Any other Deaf people enjoy car audio?

    Same but only if i cant reach my CDs - I like CDs cuz i know what SONGS are playing LOL
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    Oh no you remembered!!!
  14. BabyPhat21


    I hate how the word "dork" is popular and said too many times. It really REALLY annoys me! what the HELL is a dork ......its not positive and its bordering on offensive.
  15. BabyPhat21

    How do you spot the bride at an italian wedding?

    WTF!! this is coming from you - a person who is half italian!! damn - how can you be so vulgar towards your own race.
  16. BabyPhat21

    How do gay guys fake orgasms?

    Oh please, that is so LAME.......... :locked:
  17. BabyPhat21

    which IT'S HAPPY BUNNY are you?

    I LOVE happy bunny!!! yay...... cuz i am totally sarcastic I dont know how to put the image in here <img src="" border="0" alt="LetsKeepNotesOnWhoPissesUsOff"><br>let's keep notes on who pisses us off <br><br><a...
  18. BabyPhat21

    Personal Networking Cards

    Just listen to me :)
  19. BabyPhat21

    Cali Deaf Expo

    Who is going to Cali's HUGE Deaf Expo on Nov.5-6th in Anaheim????
  20. BabyPhat21

    Oi, a dispute....

    SMALL CLAIMS!! take his ass to court.........