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    For everyone!

    :wave: I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Labor Day!!!!
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    :wave: :welcome: to Alldeaf Courtzy042888! I hope you will enjoy being on this forum. I commend you for wanting to learn ASL, and I wish you the best of luck in your achievements!! Have fun posting, and welcome aboard!!
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    Male or female?

    I knew you were a male too. ;)
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    :cool: In China, it's rude not to burp, because when you burp after eating a Chinese meal, that means a compliment for the person who cooked the meal saying you enjoyed it!
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    If you were a Mouse....

    Mine would be American.
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    learning about deaf Culture

    :wave: :welcome: to Alldeaf Realestateman!!! It's a pleasure having you join our forum. If you're looking for more ways to meet the deaf, you can contact your state Comission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing as they provide statewide information on different social clubs in your area. So, post...
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    Here to learn :) Hello!

    :wave: :welcome: to Alldeaf Miss Kitty!!!! That was quite an interesting story, and glad that you share this story with us. I hope you will find our forum very informative and make lots of new friends along the way!!! So, post away, and welcome aboard!!!
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    Hi everyone

    :wave: :welcome: to Alldeaf curlyblue78!!! I hope you will enjoy being on this forum, and have a great time meeting all of the wonderful members here on AD. Post away, and welcome aboard!!!
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    Beauitful is Saskatoon nice>>>>>>>>>>>

    :wave: :welcome: to Alldeaf smithtr!!! It's nice to have another Canadien join our wonderful forum!! I hope you will have fun meeting our great members!! Have fun posting away, and welcome aboard!!!
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    Guess I can reveal myself now to you all. ;)

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures here on Alldeaf. They are really great pictures!!!
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    A Father's Love For His Disabled Son [VID]

    :aw: I cried watching this video, to see there were no limits or boundaries to this dad's love for his son!!! The gratefulness in his son's eyes for having such a beautiful dad. This is what parental love is all about! Never giving in, never giving up. Just loving his child beyond the...
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    Picture of me...

    That is such a great picture of you!!!! You do have a babyface, so imagine how young you will look years from now!!!
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    LovelyBlkGal's pictures

    :D These are beautiful pictures of LovelyBlkGal!!! She has such a nice smile!!
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    I applied 2 job today...

    You are so very welcome Volcomskatz!!!! We are all here to help and support each other. You will do just great!!! I know you will!!!
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    How's your weather today?

    :ugh3: It's in the low 70's here, rain coming from Tropical Storm Ernesto tonight. It's really cooling off.
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    Did Raging Quiet disappear???

    :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: to you dear RaqingQuiet!!! I hope you have a wonderful time on such a special birthday, your 21st!!!!! Have fun celebrating and many, many more birthdays to come!!! Have a wonderful birthday!!!!
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    HI From Idaho Land

    :wave: :welcome: to Alldeaf butterflylife!! I hope you will enjoy yourself on this forum, as you will meet so many wonderful people here on Alldeaf. Browse around the different forums. We are all here to support one another. I hope you will have a great time here. So post away, and welcome...
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    1 more new memeber!

    :wave: :welcome: to Alldeaf teach2u!! It's very nice having you as part of our forum. You will have a great time meeting all the wonderful members!! Expressive ASL is a lot easier to learn the receptive ASL. By watching and doing what the instructor (or the aspect you're learning from), you...
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    I applied 2 job today...

    :applause: :applause: I wish you the best of luck Volcomskatz!!!! I really hope the interview goes well for you. Yes, dress professionally. Even arrive a few minutes earlier than your expected interview time. This way they know that you're serious about getting this job. Smile, be very...
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    learning the art of sign language.

    You can also try Harris Communications. They have several DVD's on sign language and great sign language books to follow too. Good luck with your achievement in learning to sign. You're going to have fun learning, and a great time in communicating once you have starting using it more and more.