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    Knitters Corner

    That one that I dont want. I am looking for Ily sign language ( hand) with two colors. I dont want all one color. thank you for try your best to help.
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    Knitters Corner

    Hello everyone, Do you know about ily sign language pattern for knitting? I rather use two color. not just one color.
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    Are you going to Deaf Nation World Expo?

    Travis and I will be there.
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    Sign in if you're proud to be Deaf

    I m in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    A Special message from Restless_Heart...

    I am sorry for her. I hope that she will be okay.
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    LEGO Pop-Up Model

    That is so cool.
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    Sala Dancing Dog!!

    aww that is funny and cute.
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    Has anyone seen SxyPorkie lately?

    I remember I talked to her on Sept 2008. Then I didnt hear from her since. I dont know if she is still alive or not.
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    Bad News:

    Cheri, I am very sorry about your dad. I want to give you big hug. I hope that his health will improve.
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    Young man ran over by train ALIVE

    That is so stupid that he did that.
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    On Oprah....last night (Warning: Graphic Content)

    I feel so bad for her. I hope her face can fix. doctor are so expensive to fix.
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    I crave for zuccini with pineapple bread. It is much work to make them. giggle
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    Facebook vs Myspace which is better?

    I use facebook most. I dont like myspace. winks
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    Looks like we missed someone...

    Happy Birthday and Enjoy!
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    Hi, I was not in alldeaf for long time.

    Hello Thank you all. I was not around again. My boyfriend Travis was in ER because of his personal reason. I had to be with him during my son was in school. Poor him. He had to stay in hositpal for 3 days. He finally got out from hositpal last saturday. He is getting better but he still is on...
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    Children need be spank???

    I learned about therapist. spank or timeout are not good. I have to warn my son 1 warning if he still stuborn then I warn him 2 warning then if he still, I warn 3 warning, if not, then I send him to his room and take his games in 5 min. If he still stubborn again, I will say 4th, No laptop and...
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    How long do u get to know that person before become boyfriend or girlfriend....

    I met my boyfriend through sorenson. We didnt know each other. We decide to meet our many deaf friends. We were suprised that we knew them but we never know each other. He know them since he was very little boy. They knew me since 1984. Small world. My boyfriend and I are falling in love and are...
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    boyfriend or girlfriend

    I had ex husband who was hearing. Now I have a deaf boyfriend. I used wanted to a hearing guys but I realized that commucation always come first. I am glad that I found a boyfriend Travis.
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    KFC run by Deaf in Egypt

    its interesting.
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    Hi, I was not in alldeaf for long time.

    Some people from alldeaf know me. I was not around much. I was in very ugly divorce and had social service. I had to brought my son from Colorado from social service. My ex husband was not taking good care of my son. I had many happening in my life. Now I have a new wonderful boyfriend...