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    What good thing happened to you today?

    Hey Frisky Feline -- I am here.. Sorry for not being here for a LONG TIME.. How have you been doing?? I am doing good.. :) Have a good night..
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    Who got snow?

    Smart move. I went to grocery today before the storm hit us tmw and wed.. I thought the foo grocery will be packed but it wasnt!! Thanks god for that!
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    Real name or nickname

    Nickname by friends.. Real name by business
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    What is your nationality ?

    50% Italian, Irish, Prussian, bit of spanish.
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    Bad News:

    I am sorry that he got a stroke but glad hes doing good and getting better with PT.. I know how frustrating it is but be patient.. I know you have family to help out.. ;) Hang in there Cheri & Angel!! Hugs
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    Who got snow?

    We have snow here in MD/DC/VA/PA/WV right now... and still going on and on!! ;)
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    AllDeaf Meet - 30 Jan, 2010 in NYC

    JClarke, Wicked!!! Ya in NYC!! Thats great.. Well I am no longer living in NY.. I moved to MD 3 yrs ago from NY!! Well Enjoy your staying in the city.. ;)
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    Who is single here?

    I am not single anymore!!! I have a gf for 2 months!! She's a member of AD too!! ;)
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    Sad News

    Since I lost Tiger in 2006. I have another bad news!! Blanca got sick last April. She had kidney failure and was in very suffer. I had to put her into sleep on April 22nd, 2009. Now, she is with her brother Tiger!!! RIP BLANCA 6/19/94 to 4/22/09
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    ATTN: Old AD Members...

    Joined 03-05-2004. I did join 2003 then left and return with a new ID in 2004.
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    What is your nationality ?

    50% Italian 25% Irish 25% Prussian
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    Who is single here?

    I am single since January 2008.
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    Post your gas prices

    1.73 a gallon in Annapolis, MD yesterday.
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    fingerspell Y-E-S or sign *S* (Yes)

    I am using both "S" in sign and "Y-E-S" in fingerspell.
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    Anyone dont celebrate for Thanksgiving Day?

    No family here. I am taking care of my friend's cats while she's in NY for thanksgiving.
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    Post your gas prices

    Yesterday my car were filled up the gas. It is 1.89 a gallon. I paid only 20 bucks and some changes.
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    My Keys are clean!

    Money, papers and tissues!!
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    My Keys are clean!

    ya found ur daughter in the dryer after it dried???
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    VRS rudeness

    Few VRS hung up on me without letting me to say "Thank you. Have a good day/night." I was like excuse me!! Seems they didn't want to get Thanks from me. Its their loss.
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    Post your gas prices

    My friend told me that there's 2.09 in Frederick, MD