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    any interpreters teaching

    in public high school? If so, I would really like to ask a few questions and chat a bit. :) Thanks.
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    ASL in children with residual hearing

    I hope you will email me as well, because I would really be interested. Thanks! :D
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    Educational Sign Language Interpreters

    I would love to hear from you. I am at I was recently in Nairobi and met with a teacher from the deaf school there. Hoping to get back there before too long! :) I would also love to hear about what is going on in Deaf ed. in SA.
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    captioning vs signing

    I second what Jillio said. They really serve two purposes and in an ideal world we would have both. Also, consider your audience. One of my pet peeves is all the captioning on the children's shows. Even the hearing kids can't read well enough and fast enough to catch it all. We need to...
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    ASL in children with residual hearing

    It sounds like you have done your homework, and that is the important part of making the right decision. I would totally support you in your use of ASL. I will add that although my daughter uses SEE exclusively at home and in school, she is totally comfortable in the deaf community and code...
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    ASL in children with residual hearing

    That's fine if you disagree.... you might note my post said i suggest they 'look into it' and it 'might work' for them. I personally think parents of deaf/hoh children should look extensively into all systems to make an educated choice for their family. However, I would be interested...
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    ASL in children with residual hearing

    So you are a TOD? That's great! I might have to ask you some questions sometime! :) I do work closely with a TOD and am actually trying to decide about a TOD masters program right now. I am not sure if it's what I want... but I am considering it. :)
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    ASL in children with residual hearing

    I did not say I was a professional. I am the parent of a deaf child, a certified interpreter in SEE and ASL, trained in Visual phonics, have studied linguistics and language acquisition in deaf children and work in education and with early intervention of deaf children. I have spent 8 years...
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    ASL in children with residual hearing

    ok, I do NOT want to cause argument... from my experience and in my opinion, I would consider looking into SEE. I do not think SEE is for everyone, but for your kids, it might be a good fit since they do have some hearing and language exposure. The signs will match what they do hear and see...
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    Titles: Mr. Mrs. and to sign?

    There are SEE signs for these Mr. is an M on the side of the forehead (like placement for boy) and it moves forward and off the head becoming an R Sir is is the same, starting with an 's' Miss or Ms. is an M on the right cheek (like the sign for girl) and moves forward. Mrs. is the...
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    Is there a free online SEE dictionary?

    well since you asked, I guess I will bare all... I am hearing. I am certified in SEE and have a degree in ASL. I also have a deaf daughter. My daughter signs SEE. And actually I see SEE on the increase in many parts of the country. Again, remember the reasons for SEE, to facilitate...
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    Is there a free online SEE dictionary?

    Actually if you are just using ASL signs in english order that is not SEE. Just trying to clarify not cause an argument. :) that would be more like transliterating or even PSE/contact sign or Conceptually Accurate Signed English (CASE). SEE has very specific signs, and although many are the...
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    Is there a free online SEE dictionary?

    Unfortunately there is not a good SEE dictionary online at this time. However, we are working on one! I would really encourage you to get some SEE dictionaries. I can tell you from experience, yes, it is easier for family members to learn to sign english. My whole family signs and they would...
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    any deaf scuba divers there?

    Scuba Hi there, I am not deaf, but have some questions I am hoping you can help with. First of all I am very happy to see deaf divers. My husband and I (both hearing) are beginning divers and our oldest daughter (deaf) is dying to do it!! She is only 4, but our LDS has a class that...