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    I use Firefox...I'm not dumb!!

    On my Windows laptop I use IE cos it most stable browser of all I have used. Firefox crashes and Chrome too slow. I still got Firefox as backup and so far I never need to use it again. I also use Safari on my Mac, I got Firefox on there too as backup.
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    Obama ASL

    Cool he sign thank you but really no big deal cos it only 1 sign.
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    I really hate ignorant people.

    Well said! There alway people out there like that.
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    New Research Shows Listening And Hearing Is Different for kids

    Not surprise that deaf kids with CI get slower reaction than hearing kids cos they are deaf anyway, need learn to hear.
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    Parents' Lawsuit Over Down Syndrome Child is Maddening

    Poor child! What she must think if she know/old enough to understand what parent doing.
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    Feb 2012

    I put 'Other' cos it be BSL for me. I don't understand ASL.
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    Are you a leftie or a rightie?

    Ambidextrous. I can do all things with both hand but some things prefer one hand over other. I sign with left hand but some reason at uni for 3 years I signed right cos terp was right now I been work for year and back to my left hand again. I mainly use my left hand to write and I can do both...
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    I Finally Got a New Macbook Pro!

    I got MacBook Air last year summer. It defo best laptop I ever own. So fast, so smooth. I still got my PC Laptop for my work and for any image editing (photoshop). My PC Laptop is Samsung, it defo best PC laptop I ever own (MacBook Air beat this by long way). I have tried few PC Laptop brands...
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    Not understanding what this suppose mean? Hmmm, too many fancy words.
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    Cued speech for adults?

    So far in my whole life I never seen anyone used Cued Speech to communicate and I only seen it once when lady show me how it works for 1 minute at event. My mum have seen 2/3 people use Cued Speech cos was planning use on me and fail BIG time mostly cos I can't understand it and mum got rubbish...
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    How Do You, Deaf, Show Hearing That YOU CAN...

    Just do it yourself and doesn't matter what hearing think cos if one go and another replace and end up repeat cycle so really don't matter what they think.
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    BSL my first language, anyone sign BSL I understand easy. Doesn't matter where.
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    This is awesome!!!

    Wow that awesome!
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    I can't remember who teach me BSL when I was 2/3/4 years old before I learn speak. I do remember it was London hospital, I do remember being in room full of toys esp cars, planes and trains that I really love playing with, I do remember someone come up teach me sign and sign to me and I...
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    Deaf Parents of Deaf kids

    I see lot comment about deaf kids with CI having good speech and on age level but I don't see any comment about deaf kids with CI UNDERSTANDING hearing people saying to them. Learning to speak is tough, very tough but I think learning to hear/understand hearing by listen/lipreading is tougher...
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    7-year-old fights off suspected Walmart kidnap

    Brave girl and well done getting away. So scary this happen!
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    Deaf Parents of Deaf kids

    Same me too. I fooled my parents far too well now they refused to believe me when I tell them truth. Deaf kids can be brilliant covering up and acting cos it part of surviving in hearing world and mainstream. If parent say to me my deaf child is happy, etc, I don't take their word for it cos I...
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    ASL is seeping into my brain it seems.

    I have play charades at office xmas lunch and it was hard for me not to sign so we switch to drawing pictures on flip-chart instead. That was fun.
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    My chicken is ill | Excuse used by support worker

    This video was spread like mad on Facebook and Twitter next day after programme been on TV, loads chicken jokes and chicken pictures like that well known picture says "Keep Calm and Stay Safe?", some people changed it say "Keep Calm and my Chicken is ill". That gotta be one most lame excuse I...
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    Deaf Parents of Deaf kids

    I agree if I have deaf kids. No way I force them into oral route. I will teach them BSL, and will encourage them learn to speak in fun way, if they can't, don't want to I leave them be. They MUST have good language (BSL) and MUST have good education (through BSL) and be HAPPY! Too many...