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    I'd really like to become a BSL interpreter... and advice?

    Playing the poker circuit is much less taxing on the body. Take care of your body if you decide to be an interpreter. I always wanted to go to the Garage to see a show. What is that venue like?
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    Hiring More Hearing Professional Certified Interpreters for 258VRS

    Really??? Mighty strange?? Tell me more
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    A Letter For An Interpreter (Personal)

    Man oh man. I have been interpreting for about 10 years and this really hits me hard. I have a deaf brother and a deaf wife, so this type of behavior that was perpetrated toward you is unexcusable. This goes beyond any code of ethics or interpreter behavior policy. This behavior is basically...
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    Dorkette, I might be able to help you here. Although it is primarily the the job of the interpreter to match your style and should on every occasion you could remedy the situation by informing the interpreter/transliterator that you prefer he or she sign exactly what the speaker is saying...
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    i'm a terp and have a deaf brother, so i can really understand the need for professionalism within the interpreting field. the fact is most of the interpreters i meet i consider signers. as you know there is a big big difference. anyone can do their homework in an ITP and get a degree. until...
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    questions to ask all of you. Please ansrew.

    1. A deaf interpreter or CDI is someone who first has to be deemed deaf by an audiologist. Second, the deaf individul must pass a a test thet will now be a from the RID/Nad merger. A deaf interpreter in almost all cases works with a hearing interprer. the hearing interpreter listens to the...
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    I've been interpreting in many different seetings for about 7 years now. My brother is deaf and has always been in public shcools, but only mainstreamed for classes such as PE, art, tech,....It's my observation that deaf and HH students who are with "Hearing impaired teachers" don't graduate...
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    My sister was an interpreter for me.

    deaf 258, i see your point. i've been an interpreter for about 7 years and make about 25 dollars an hour. i make less freelancing believe it or not. the state of fla. in compliance with the DOE are renewing standars for terps by the year 2007. the rough draft basically says all terps must be...
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    Best Job Ever

    sounds like you had a great time , but i don't understand the part about a certified interpreter not being able to do this type of assignment because of the code of ethics. if the deaf consumer has no problem with your social activities than you are following the code of ethics. called common...
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    some things that make up a good interpreter

    here are some: 1. have skill 2. know when you are not suited for a certain assignment. 3. have an excellent command of the english language for voicing 4. never be ashamed to ask a speaker for clarification. 5. never be ashamed to ask the deaf person to please repeat because you...
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    PLEASE REPLY!!!!please!!!

    Deaf 258 is right on. Nothing else really needs to be said. The deaf client is the consumer which means it's his or her call. From my experience most deaf are always willing to have new terps come in with me. That's mostly in the educational settings though. One thing, interpreters are...
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    Please Write Me Asap!

    Well, hopefully this will be a good learning experience for you. Also, hopefully the teacher is very visual which is most important when teaching deaf or hearing math. Being an interpreter I have had some real nightmares terping math simply because you can only do so much with your hands...
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    wow, better luck next time. hey, times are changing and you have to be proactive, especially when dealing with your education. encourage your interpreter to meet regularly with your teachers, so they can be on the same page about things. no matter how skilled the interpreter or teacher, it's...
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    thanks for the info vamp. i guess i should have been more specific. all of your advice was excellent, but i am already aware of these important communication bridges. i guess i was looking for a number one must that deaf /hh really want to know or express. from my experience with school age...
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    the most important thing a terp should do the first time you meet them before class, appointment, things of this nature? besides introduction, of course. my guess is what style would you like me to use, asl, pse, contact, see? let me know what you guys do?
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    again i'm sorry about your grade, but IMO you guys needed to address this issue. your test was graded completely out of context and the professor did you no favor here. if some of your classmates had the same problem this should have been handled differently. it's simply not professional...
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    Who is Single and Who's Involved in a relationship?

    lfreed the single interpreter here. recently, i met the women of my dreams. hard of hearing and a teacher for the deaf and HH as well. not to mention cute cute cute. also married married married. hope others have better luck. peace
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    jealous, that's right jelaous again for the time i let you in. don't you think i want to don't you think i could, don't you i'd tell ya baby if i only could, am i acting crazy or just plain shy, that's right i'm jealous again." Chris Robinson
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    Interpreter's "lines"

    feel for you silencegold. it should be simple. you request SEE sign and the interpreter provides you with that. i don't know to many terps that are truely skilled in SEE sign. most either transliterate or interpret. here's my question? you said the one terp had been around the professor...