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    i'm back?

    :type: Welcome back Hacker!! We sure all missed you! :Wave:
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    Please Help me if Possible

    Thank you deafdyke. Everyone, than you for your feedback. I finally found a school that I'm going to go to. It has a deaf program, but it sounds spectular. I'll be moving in Jan. Yippee, but Ill miss everyone here! :cry: Good luck to everyone else.
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    Please Read This!

    I'm really glad that you were able to obtain all of the education that you were able to, even although you did not have an interpreter. These days, it's neccessary to have one with how the teachers speak nowadays. Amby
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    Please read this!

    Well, thank you everyone for your input. I would have put this to use if I could, but I'm going to be moving soon, so I may have to use this information when I move to a new district, new state, new school, bleh. Thank you again although, Amby
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    Please Help me if Possible

    Hello you all, I'm soon going to be moving with my father to South Carolina. It will be the first time that my father and I have ever lived there. Do any of you know where there may be schools with deaf programs, deaf schools or any schools that may have expernice with the Deaf? I'm asking for...
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    Please read this!

    Hello to you all. Im currently a junior at a mainstream school in my town. I'm the only one that is deaf. I was wondering if there was any kind of technology where you could manage to get closed caption- not on tv although... Heres an example- in Health class, for some reason sometimes my...
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    Please Read This!

    Java, My interpreter DID call the cse manager- the cse manager IS the one that is responsible to call in to another agency for a sub interpreter. It was not my interpeter's fault; it was my cse manager. She "forgot", and yes- I am putting in some words about it. My mom is bein an idiot...
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    Please Read This!

    Ziusudra- Yes, that's understandable in the past when the interpreter organizations were just starting up... but right now we are in a period of time when deaf accessiblity is starting to become more known all over the country. My school has a huge responsiblity on providing me these services...
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    Please Read This!

    Vamp- I agree with you- these things should not be happening. Yes, communication is very important, but apparently probably the people at school are just slow at realizing that. Illustrator- Im glad that you got waived for it if u didnt have an interpreter, but I... I went through the entire...
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    Please Read This!

    Gosh Im TOTALLY Pissed. I got to school at around 8:10 (Bus was late due to the snow), so i went on to my 1st period class. I find out that my interpreter isn't there... so I ask for permission to go on to main office, so i asked where she was. They (the people at the main office) said they dont...
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    To Date a Deafie or Not To ?

    I very well understand what you mean. To be honest, I would not care who I date, as long it's someone that I love. As to issues with the person that has been around my "circle" as in with my friends or family... well, it would depend on the invidual itself. For me- I'd rather a deaf guy, but if...
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    Deaf schools/ Mainstream and how long?

    From the age of 3-5 I was in a intervention program for the Deaf- therefore, that was where I learned how to sign. From the age of 6 to 9, I was in a deaf program down at Ithaca Elementary School. Then by the time I got into 4th grade, I've been in a hearing school, and am the only deaf student...
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    5 Year Old girl makes BONG in class!>?

    :-o omfg! Jesus. I wasnt even aware of drugs until I was around 10, 11 years old, but a 5 year old?!? That tells me that if I ever have kids in the future, I better watch and teach them. Jesus..
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    School for the Deaf

    Right now I'm a junior at a mainstreamed high school in my town. Ive attended about 5 different schools so far, so I can't keep track of what school i went to. I've moved 9 times so far, and will be making another move in couple of months.
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    Interpreter's "lines"

    interesting y'all :o)
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    Deaf college in Texas

    Bad things i heard- like for example.. its more of like a party town, and i believe it still is in most places in that college... more people just think that its just easy to get in.. and just slack off since ur already in that college.. the truth is, no one really works that hard in that...
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    need cell phone

    I have one. here- i got a cell phone (From verizon).. and i also got an tty (portable) that i can hook up to my cell phone.. my cell phone also has text messaging.. so i can call and text message both at the same time. pm me for more info about it. (8.99 for text messaging *around 900 text...
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    Deaf college in Texas

    Yes- I had a person that came to a place where I was.. talking about SWCID.. it offers vocational, basic things.. like some help in math, reading.. etc.. and to gain enough credits to be accepted to a better college.. its not really the type of college i'd go to in my opinion. i've heard a lot...
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    Could you speak and lipead?

    I can do both. I can catch about 90-95% of what the person says when Im lipreading.. when I speak, I speak clearly enough for those that know me well, but for those that don't, sometimes it's difficult.
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    White Noise?

    yeah I do. I do all the time ever since I suddenly lost my hearing to both of my ears.. I also have tinnitus where there's constant ringing in my ears.. but I do also hear other things when I really don't