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    Who is single here?

    Been single for a while now. Not really looking but would be nice to perhaps meet someone new to talk too :).
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    Pics of you - Part V

    Picture of me last summer. Not that anyone would be interested but i hate to feel left out after nosying all the previous picture threads :):P
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    Tell me about this...

    Usually people dont enjoy to being forced into anything. Enforcing something like this would i fear would only antagonise people. Although a mutual agreement by all would be nice :)
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    Waterproof Hearing Aids Tested

    Although Id imagine that waterprrof HAs might not be much use for the swimmer who is just there for themselves (fitness) as there is little need to communicate> id of thought this was more aimed at the social side of swimming where you may perhaps take your children, friends, family etc in a...
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    Deaf driving

    My opinion is that being deaf or HoH actually makes you more aware visually on the roads. I know some of the biggest idiotic drivers that have no hearing problems at all. I mean what does sound actually do to assist your driving anyway If someone is beeping at you then you did something wrong...
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    What are you thinking about?

    Im thinking that just because its the holidays Gyms and swimming pools shouldnt be closing! GOtta get back to training *grumbles* Gotta work off the mince pies somehow!
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    Hi from Manchester UK!

    Wow what a lovely welcome! im glad i stumbled upon here! thanks all look forward to talking to yas...... be warned though i talk alot.... :)
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    Deaf driving

    bah positivity lass! Took me three times because of nerves. Treated the last one just like a driving lesson and aced it! If your instructor thinks your ready then your ready :) Dont worry about what anyone else thinks sweet.
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    Brought up in a hearing world...

    :) Wow i should definately check that out! Thanks for the info lissa :) could use a specific though event though unless im missing something obvious which im usually prone to........
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    Brought up in a hearing world...

    Hi apperently my story is a strange one! My names Taz and im from manchester in the uk! I have been Severely HoH since birth, went to a primary school with a deaf unit but it was mainly Hearing. Was made to go to a mainstream secondary school due to relgious reasons (i was the only deaf...
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    Deaf driving

    good luck Good luck on your test party girl :) IM sure you will ace it.
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    Deaf driving

    Hey I have held a licence since i was 17. Was made to learn by my parents and havent regretted it since:) was nerve wracking at first but got an amazinging patient and understanding instructor who was frankly... awesome. Oh i am HoH also. Not had an accident in just under 10 years. Oh andi...
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    Hi from Manchester UK!

    Wow that was fast reply! i barely got time to change the page! busy place :) and thanks for wecome :). Now to post a a profile picture to terrify the masses muhaha!
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    Hi from Manchester UK!

    Hi im Tazfrom MAnchester England. Just so happen ive stumbled upon this website that seems very active :) Im HoH and dont have many deaf/HoH friends and would love to talk to some :) Would be great if anyone would get in touch :) Especially in UK area but alll messages more then...