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    Deaf and Dumb?

    Apologist in Training :) First, A paper which intentionally presented itself in error, a glib is inexcusable, casts doubt on the validity of other works in which it claims credit for. Dr. Gannon has been erroneously irresponsible in the sense that he allows this misinterpretation to...
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    Where does racism come from?

    Fair Enough. 1. cultural 2. socioeconomic 3. political 4. legal determinants. True. I do consider myself as a bona-fide racist. I have a taste for Asian, Eriterian, Indian ladies, purely on their "race" factor. I tend to judge ladies that share the same "racial" identity higher than I...
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    Where does racism come from?

    Hilarious! Racism isn't based purely on sex :) Sure. . it's one of the contributing factors. Racism is basically set upon the premise, as you pointed out, that the person has determined on his own, either via faulty reasoning or observation, that a person who happened to be affiliated...
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    Design Engineering Positions?

    Is there any entry level design engineer positions out there? I currently have a BS in Mechanical Engineering and am currently getting my Masters. I was wondering if anybody knew of any engineering positions (non: civil, structural, electrical, geology, environment engineering positions)...
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    Would anyone be willing to answer these questions?

    late 20s, Y chromosomes, half Mulatto & half Happa :) Yes. No I didn't. 1a. With respect to hearing people, it would have to be either through 3 different modes. a. writing back and forth b. hopefully they know how to read lips or sign c. via an interpreter. 1b. With respect to...
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    Questions about fluidity

    It never quite got to the point that it became bothersome to me. I'm not sure whether its due to just due to my tendency overlook that particular trait in ones signing abilities. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Anyone can sign. A monkey can sign. The true talent lies in...
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    Teacher arrested for statutory rape and sexual misconduct.

    Heh. In one ear, out of the other. Heh. I know :) 26th Commandment, Section 1. I wanted you to point that out, so you contend that it's alright to move down the age limit on voting age, whereas you contend that the age limit for consental sex should be moved up? :) Purely on what basis...
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    Teacher arrested for statutory rape and sexual misconduct.

    Pardon me, what exactly do you define as a "moral" person? I noticed that Codger and Reba refuse to address any of the valid questions that the Heretic brought up. 1. What defines a 18 years old as mentally prepared for sexual consent that is lacking, say in someone who is 17 years, 11...
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    Need help fast, need info to where law says interpreter required when pulled over

    *sigh*. . him again. . Tsk. Educate yourself once more. This applies to Kalboy as well. Read my original post, and actually do your homework. . .for once. Perhaps I'm asking too much. Praise Umanita! ~Al-Khawarizmi
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    Need help fast, need info to where law says interpreter required when pulled over

    Done. Educate thyself: 1. The Civils Right Act of 1964 VI. 2. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 29 U.S.C. 794 3. Department of Justice (DOJ) Regulation, 28 C.F.R. Part 42 4. State of Maryland v. Barker, Crim. No's. 17,995 and 19,518 (Md. Cir. Ct. Dec. 8, 1977)...
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    attitude vs knowledge (philosophical debate)

    eh? "It is best to keep your mouth shut and be presumed ignorant than to open it and remove all doubt." -Mark Twain Praise Umanita! ~Al-Khawarizmi
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    attitude vs knowledge (philosophical debate)

    Knowledge and Wisdom Sure. According to Russell Ackoff, a systems theorist, believed that the human mind could be classified into 5 categories. 1. Data: You know them as symbols (1,2,3, !@#$%^&*). It holds no meaning. It is Raw. It simply exists. It has no significance beyond its...
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    Uh. . no. Actually bbnt , I have disagree with you on that particular terminology. What The Heretic just stated is actually classified as an educated guess. His statement was merely the parroting of something that has already been justified from statistics, interpolations, and trends...
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    Advancement in CI Technology?

    Link? Do you mind attaching an url regarding the information on cili hair growth research to this thread? I would appreciate it very much. Praise Umanita! ~Al-Khawarizmi
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    Anyone from japan???

    Baka Folks :thumbd: Please don't revel in your cesspool of ignorance. The Japanese culture is different from the United States in many ways just as well as it is extremely similar. To hold the others in complete disdain because they have a different concept of things is just another...
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    Advancement in CI Technology?

    Has anyone heard of the most recent advancements in the CI Technology? If so, what is it? The only things I've seen were incremental improvements, as well as evolutionary move in shrinking the size of the processor along with the new "programming features". It doesn't seem to me that it has...
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    Madonna, Britney, and Christina at VMA 2003

    Decadence Perhaps it's just a shameless plug for two falling stars that need tries to come across as risque but only appears to be out-dated and tacky. The kiss between those individuals shouldn't be something to be cheered about but to be disdained. It's just all a cheap self-promotion, for...
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    attitude vs knowledge (philosophical debate)

    Uno Momento! This might be sidetracking this entire topic, but wouldn't it be slightly more relevant to talk about "Knowledge vs. Wisdom" as opposed to "Knowledge vs. Attitude"? If you wish to talk about Attitude as opposed to Knowledge, then, wouldn't it be more relevant to talk about...
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    A buddy from work sent me this email

    Incorrect. Read what the original post said . . .carefully and slowly. Praise Umanita! ~Al-Khawarizmi
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    Define L-I-F-E

    What the Holy. . . Okay. Let's just stand back and deconstruct what you said: Premise 1. I can't face death. Premise 2. I don't fear death. Premise 3. I've seen what suicide does to a person. Premise 4. I don't want others to see what suicide does to a person. Conclusion: I...