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    I am single ..... :ily:
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    Ladies, I want you

    IEKS !!! I got a Nightmare !!!!
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    The Official Member Picture Thread

    ME !!!! And this is me !!
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    What was the longest drive you went

    12 hours ..... from Holland to France ( St Tropez ) GREAT ROAD !!! Monique from the Netherlands
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    my avatar>*

    AVATAR Hi !!! How can I get AVATAR on this great General Discussions? Can I add a pic on my user profile? Or did I need a webcam ? Monique from Holland
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    All New Here !

    Hello Everybody !!!! It's my first time here and I hop I will enjoy this site ! I come from the Netherlands and I am little hard of hearing. I hope we enjoyed togerhet! Let do it !!!!!! Monique :D