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    i was wondering if its OK, well opinionitated to meet someone from if they live in the same state.. ALSO- who lives in MASS?
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    Guess what I ordered today???

    DAMN U!! lucky bastard!! :-( i got a WYNDTELL...... its so lameo! the wyndtell service is kind of screwing up now.. i wish i got a tmobile.. my friends have tmobiles and i always end up using them for AIM/games.. :-p
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    Camping games

    skinny dipping?
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    ok, STOP this discussion, it lasted for like a month, its enough.
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    theres nothing wrong w/ speech and lipreading..
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    Hearing Aids or NONE

    thats so cute (earmolds) mine is USA colored earmolds.
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    Hearing Aids or NONE

    i have two, i cant live with out them, i like to hear noises by its natural own, do you know what i mean...
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    what do you think of TLC (the learning school for the deaf children) in framingham Massachusetts?:eek:
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    Hearing Aids or NONE

    Would you rather to use Hearing aids or nothing? I personally use Hearing Aids, i love them.. But some people hate them and somepeople cant even HEAR with hearing aids on... im just curious what u think.......
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    Deaf or Hearing

    Would you rather to be Deaf or Hearing im curious what your onipions are.. I know im :crazy: but i just thought of that....
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    mmmmm whoawhoawhoa, brenden, just take it easy, I dont have experience, but I SEE them, my friends have CI they totally hate it, because they get treated like LOW-life people..... i just dont understand what you have against me being against CI? mm
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    Attn: T E D D Y

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    Who is GOD?

    yeah, i like that joke, its funny...
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    Who is GOD?

    a little boy went home and started thinking about who GOD is, he decided to ask his mother(which was a religious person) IS GOD black or white? his mom replied uhmm, both IS GOD MALE OR FEMALE? his mom replied uhmm, both.. Is god gay or lesbain? his mom replied uhmm, both...
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    Grandma and a little boy

    lmaoo!! lmaoo!! lmaoo!!
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    i did research on CI implanting, most children have CI then they destroy 'em because they hate them so much and everything, most % of deaf children hates CI whats the point of continuing implanting them?
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    Gally Vs. NTID

    i wld say NTID but im a freshman in highschool :-)
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    my guess deaf kid is hiding to won't tell parent that they dont like CI cuz parents are control. I dont like that idae, wish i can ban CI for good i second that, fine BANJO why dont u put urself in CI then maybe you'll get the idea..... :)
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    i kno, it sucks, but he is just a punk... he has this kind of nonstoppable insulting personality...
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    true true, i'll take those words, but im not a racist, but it just offends me that CI is a machine to make people HEARING, whats the POINT? of doing that?