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    Christmas Cards 2009

    I can do one via email since I create artwork on the computer. Still I could print it out lol.
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    What are you thinking about?

    I'm thinking how I've been able to stay strong in the past few months without falling apart like I used to.
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    Swine (H1N1) Vaccination in children?

    Just got the vaccine yesterday. The line was very long and I waited about 4 hours for the shot. I figured it would be safer for my family since my sis just had a baby last month.
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    A year that was 2009

    I'd like to think that 2009 is the year of many changes. Although some weren't good at all, I have grown stronger after each experience. As it is with life, we keep moving on. And yes, I still miss the loved ones that I will never be able to talk to again.
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    Your First Kiss

    I remember my favorite kiss. It was when I was laying down with my girlfriend at the time. I leaned over and slowly kissed her cheek towards her lips. The connection we shared was one of a kind and nothing will ever be able to replace that. Every time I think about that magical moment we shared...
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    Hugs thread 2

    just noticed that I haven't had a hug in a while. *hugz* :)
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    Halloween Is Coming

    it looks like I will be going to a party instead of bagging the candy
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    I've never had a bad experience shopping anywhere...
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    Unemployement up to 9.8%...expects 10%+ soon

    I'm quite happy to be in school...
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    What are you thinking about?

    my laptop charger just burned up lol. Well it was old and made from china.
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    The Lounge thread: Whatever you feel like......... Anything goes! Part XV

    Seconded. I avoid the smoke a lot. Sometimes...I wonder why you live through it each day.
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    Half Life 2: Episode 3 Charater may use ASL

    I'm into 3D animation as well. I love playing Half Life.
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    Men Are Not Always Simple Minded ...

    hehe, that's pretty funny.
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    What are you thinking about?

    I am not sure what's going on with the world, but I don't like it one bit at all. It was my mom's sister who committed suicide for no reason. My mind still cannot accept the fact that she's really gone. Just now, I found out that my best friend's mom just passed away from swine flu. I think...
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    Whos more important.

    childrens go first before spouse.
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    The Lounge thread: Whatever you feel like......... Anything goes! Part XV

    i dunno how i will pull myself together, but i think i will probably be ok....
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    What are you thinking about?

    having the worst week in my life.....just lost another family member.....
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    What are you thinking about?

    might've gotten more than what you bargained for!
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    Learning ASL

    there's deaf meetings that take place at starbucks every month. one's in vancouver, wa and another in beaverton, or. you can pm me or kaelei for more info about the deaf meets.
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    Hearing Impaired @ Hearing = Fail 7 out of 10 times.

    uh, from what I see, your lack of confidence is what turns them off. females don't want a guy who is not firmly sure of himself. they would rather be with an arsehead who is sure of himself, even though he is not healthy for them, than to be with a sheepish guy. the ones they go after is the guy...