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    Any stockbrokers here?

    Derivatives are not something that you day trade. Please do your research before throw out words that you don't know what it means. For every word you use but don't understand, God kills a kitten. :cool2:
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    Any stockbrokers here?

    Give me an example. What is illegitimate about day trading?
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    Any stockbrokers here?

    I'm not quite sure if I understand your point, but I'll play. 1. I never said that making sound, well managed investment is a gamble. When you invest in something, you are essentially putting your money/time on something that you believe will worth more than what is worth today (lets not talk...
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    Any stockbrokers here?

    Investment is a risky business and I've heard many uneducated people fall into the get rich quickly/ponzi scheme and lost their life savings. It is a tragic really. But that doesn't mean that you cannot make money by investing in the stock market. Investing requires discipline, a detachment...
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    Wow! AB's Harmony vs. Cochlear's Nucleus 5!

    I use the AB and I have nothing but positive things to say about this implant.
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    Command Prompt?

    i use it to feed my monkey
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    Java Programming

    I know java like I know the back of my hands
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    currently looking for CA colleges.. help??

    California's deaf community are mainly located in 3 cities, SF Bay Area, Los Angeles (Orange county) and San Diego. The college with the largest deaf population is CSUN. You can also look into San Diego State, UCSD, UC Irvine, UCLA, USC. In NorCal look into SFSU, CSU Hayward, maybe SJSU and UC...
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    Long-time CI user, looking for advice going forward - N22 Freedom?

    I have a friend who was recently implanted with the freedom and she loves it very much. I haven't heard anything bad about any processors. I have the Harmony by AB and its working very well for me too. You should upgrade to the new processor. I know a few people who did and the results are...
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    Dealing with parents...

    I think your situation is very similar to mine. Although I am much older than you, I went through the same phase you did when I was younger. I assume that you don't use sign language because if you do you obviously can request interpreters at your college to help you with your classes...
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    Which to buy Laptop for travelling

    toughbook will beat up a mac air
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    first million at 33

    That doesn't count. Bill Gates's father is a rich lawyer. He went to Harvard and was a spoiled brat. My example is just a normal guy like you or me.
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    Which to buy Laptop for travelling

    mac air is a laptop for girly men.
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    May I ask what you all do for a

    I'm a hacker. What about you?
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    first million at 33

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    first million at 33

    This guy made his first million at 33. I think its pretty amazing. Just thought I'd share this with AD. :) My 1st Million At 33
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    No Marriage

    1040 is your federal income tax return. You are probably not old enough to fill one yet.
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    Does this happened to you too?

    Welcome to the bionic club :) I was activated last year. Some of my deaf friends were weird out by my decision to get a CI. But if they are someone who's really close to you they will support your decision. Those who say otherwise simply don't understand you well enough to be called a friend...
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    Gay Marriage

    Thank you for admitting the obvious. I'm out.