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  1. J

    Day 1 of activated cochlear

    For you, are cicadas going to be one of the things to "turn off"?
  2. J

    Airports!! I hate them.

    Can you read English reasonably well? Having Live Transcribe on an Android phone (or other similar apps on an Android or iPhone) might might really help you get what is being said to you. Google Live Transcribe and you will get a lot more information about it than I can write here.
  3. J

    Former umpire faces child sex charges

    Please watch the date of the thread and reply you are replying to. In the case I don't think you will get the answer you are looking for as this thread was last active 17 years ago!
  4. J

    How to get it all connected?

    I have a direct connected TTY and a regular landline phone and want to add a Caller ID Name & Number Display Unit. What order should these be connected starting at the phone jack outlet in the wall.
  5. J

    Deaf and Need Help

    zephren Whether your suggestion of sign language is very helpful or not soooo depends on where a person is living. I have been deaf in one ear for many, many years and have a very profound loss in the other one one for years. I took beginning sign at a local community college two different...
  6. J

    TTY Software.

    I can't help but wonder just what you problem with using a TTY is? The keyboard on a full size TTY is sooo similar to a PC keyboard even in size.
  7. J

    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    This reminded me that when I was in grade school one of the smallest gals in my class started French Horn which is also far from small. She picked it because the it was one of the instruments the school district would provide. She liked it so well that she played it all her life including paid...
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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    SneskerNet You are forgetting that she didn't say it had to be portable. Thus, you are leaving out piano, organ and electronic keyboards.
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    Post your gas prices Part II

    I knew I could do that!!! BUT wanted to thank him for either knowing or have already looked it up and thus saving me the time and effort to look it up.
  10. J

    Post your gas prices Part II

    Thank you, Old Analog, I always lose trace of the conversion formula going either way.
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    What are your hobbies ?

    Clydesumm What do you mead by yky????
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    Do deaf folks consider themselves disabled?

    The question of working or not is also dependent on employers willing to hire. Some re very willing to do some things slightly differently and others shut down at the point of finding out someone is deaf and not willing to hire after hearing that one word. If that is what a person encounters...
  13. J

    Using sign language interpreter during a medical exam

    The way you have written in composing your post I get the impression that you read at least English just fine. Do you happen to have a cell phone that runs the Android OS (I do not have an iPhone so do not know how what is available for them works.)? One thing I find really helpful is make...
  14. J

    Rechargeable Hearing Aids

    How much is a portable power bank that would hold enough to recharge them nightly? Or a solar power bank that could be carried while recharging on the go during the day.
  15. J

    Rechargeable hearing aids???

    I have started seeing TV ads for rechargeable hearing aids. There seems to me to be a major problem with that idea in that you can't hear with them while recharging? Years ago I had some rechargeable 675 batteries that worked but ran down before the end of my day. It was inconvenient but in...
  16. J

    Pros and Cons of Cochlear Implants

    Mike Bir In the mean time while you are trying to finish your research about a CI, you might want to visit the site I referenced above. They provide captioning on cell phones that can be set so that calls to your regular cell number use automatic call forwarding and...
  17. J

    ASL Machine Translation by virtual webcam

    There is a difference between BEST and how to handle a situation where the deaf and hearing do not know each others language well but need to communicate in the meantime? How do you suggest doing it?
  18. J

    Worst CC on TV?

    I am glad I found this again. I have been wanting to thank SeakerNet for the yellow text suggestion. I have left mine set that way and am enjoying it on everything I have been able to set that way.
  19. J

    Worst CC on TV?

    I decided to set Black Background with Yellow Texts after seeing SeakerNet's mention of setting his that way. It has just been a few days as I didn't change mine the day SeakerNet posted the idea but I think I am going to like it. Wish we could set to all caps on everything as well.
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    Worst CC on TV?

    I can't come up with examples at the moment but think I have seen some that scroll rather that just show a certain amount at a time and then show another amount. It seems easier to read scrolling captions.