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    CI and interpreting

    -Since you have a CI, do you still use interpreters? I am just now able to hear enough with the CI for it to help me with lipreading. So yes, I still use interpreters. (15 months post-activation) -In what situations do or don’t you like to use an interpreter? one on one, small group if they are...
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    Survey for cochlear implant users

    1. What CI brand are yours? It doesn't really matter. If you don't train your brain, any CI is not going to go very far. 2. Can you have a conversation on phone? for many times have you been using telephone since your first CI activation? No. I am 15 months post-activation. Daily one hour...
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    Between the following 3 cochlears...

    Panda - I am late responding to this thread. I started with the comparison study and worked from there. Definitely my deciding factor was how well the CI brands performed.
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    Can Hard of hearing people get a CI?

    I am thinking the definition for HOH is 70 decibels or greater. That plus how much comprehension one scores in the sound booth. Since speech sounds are in the range of 50 decibels, I think many of us who went for the CI decided that since the CI will bring our hearing loss to below 50, it is...
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    Anyone able to enjoy music with their cochlear implant?

    You may need to start with simple music so your brain learns to hear the musical notes. I am currently listening to a variety of CDs, 4 days at a time (while driving) thunderstorms, drums, pipes, whale singing. I cannot handle the complicated music yet, but I think I will if I continue this...
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    After Recovery

    I knew from research (possibly a thread on here) not to blow my nose. I asked my doctor how long I should wait to blow my nose and he said that was up to me. Blowing your nose increases pressure in your ear. For many after CI surgery, pressure = pain. I was able to do gentle blows without...
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    CI Rehab and expectations

    I find it critical to record my scores on a blank calendar to track my progress. When I think I do poorly one night, scoring 72, I see on the calendar that I am holding steady. Level 1 I zipped through fairly quickly, three days, but Level 2 took me five days to break away from 50%. I got mad...
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    CI Rehab and expectations

    LadkaCI, Check out Abbie's blog: CHRONICLES OF A BIONIC WOMAN. on the right side look for "listening practice". She has a long list of auditory resources. My activation date was 01/08/09, just a few days before yours. Last week I was finally able to hear the TV and could match up the...
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    Inputs on CI and Hearing Aids

    I had my dead ear implanted a few months ago. It is now getting enough sounds that it is actually interferring with my ability to lip-read with my HA in the "better" ear (90 decibels loss). For the dual HA/CI users, what is your advice?
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    My future CI plan

    This post makes #49 for me. I think one more and I have ability to PM? I checked the FAQ but I was not able to verify. Certainly we can talk. I updated my profile to include YM if you want that option also. Send me a private message and I will try to have a conversation without too much...
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    My middle-schooler is now a candidate for CI -HELP!

    Answering OP's questions: The technology has advanced tremendously in the last ten years. Some insurance companies now have a standard for determining eligibility which makes it easier to get the surgery approved. If your daughter is willing to do therapy on a regular basis, and you are...
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    My future CI plan

    I have been activated for two months now. I wanted to start speech therapy too but I do not hear enough at this time to benefit from speech therapy.
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    My future CI plan

    "Don't try too hard" is my only tip for your evaluation. Do not guess at what you are hearing in the sound booth. Raise your hand only when you actually hear the sound, and only repeat words/sentences if you actually understand them. I mimicked a lot and this made insurance said I hear too well...
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    newly deaf and struggling

    I really sympathize. I work with the same group of people day in & out, and it took some time to teach them how to work with me. It is an ongoing process. As a professor your task is much more challenging. What is probably "worse" is that your speech quality is likely good. Therefore it is easy...
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    Name Sign for Obama?

    My spouse really likes the one-hand sign that starts with 'president' and ends with the black power fist. I am not keen on this sign but it does show black pride for those who are comfortable with this symbol.
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    Name Sign for Obama?

    That sign is inappropriate. Like racist jokes, the sign should not have been posted here for others to embrace and use. Obama is more than a person with dark skin. His name-sign should reflect Obama's position and/or accomplishments.
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    Do you compost?

    I compost using two methods. One outside and one near house for red wigglers only. The one outside is contained with wood pallets. We just dump stuff in. We don’t care to turn it around. It will take longer for the debris to turn into compost, and that is fine with me. The one near house...
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    My future CI plan

    Riley hosp had me wait several months for my evaluation also. Then another two months for surgery date. It was about five weeks for my insurance to authorize cochlear implants, but only one. Not two. The wait is long. I used my time to send away for packages from Cochlear America, Med-El &...
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    Adults who have (or had) a CI

    HI Endy. Yes, ask your health insurance company if they cover cochlear implants. Mine said yes but only if I meet the medical criteria. I thought I was a shoo-in at 90 & 105 decibels hearing loss but they look at other scores also. I did so well lip-reading and talking with the audiologist...
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    If you adopt from local House Rabbit society, they will have personality profiles on most if not all the rescued rabbits. The profiles will list what rabbits like to eat, what litter box habits they have, and so on. Some are very young! Rabbits need to “bond” to be good companions. The...