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  1. podiecat

    How do you sign...

    My Deaf tutor signs it with a quick and short 'good' from chin out about 6-8" and then the same action using the 25 handshape to/from the chin ('favorite').
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    HTC One or SG 4

    I'm so thankful that I was able to try the S4 first to get clear. Now the HTC One is priced at $149 at Walmart! AT&T still has it at $199. What a deal! My monthly plan fee is only about $30 due to the TAP program and successfully using Text+. PAH!!! Now to decide between Glacial Silver or...
  3. podiecat

    HTC One or SG 4

    Well, I am sending back the S4 and getting the HTC One. My eyes really had trouble with the amoled display. The final straw was trying to take pictures outside during a sunny day. The pictures were okay, not great, but even worse was the rainbow reflection from the sun. I went to Best Buy...
  4. podiecat

    HTC One or SG 4

    Yes, but unfortunately no update can make 4 megapixels to be 8 or more. I thought the HTC display was much better than the S4 though.
  5. podiecat

    HTC One or SG 4

    I have been facing the same decision and reading XDA forums and many other reviews. I actually got the S4 even though I like the feel of the HTC One better. I don't use any sound at all on my phone so the HTC speakers were not a plus for me. I have a few days left on my trial period with the...
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    Hearing Dog and Training

    TubeTJ, I can really relate to your post. Very similar about Tessa, the love of my life. I rescued her from death row when she was about 1 1/2 years old and we have been together, 24/7, for 4 1/2 years. She has removed the fear of my late severe hearing loss (can't use hearing aids), she...
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    deaf guy looking for ms.right

    If I were looking.... I would want a great No-hear, No-see guy who gives great massages! No-hear so I would not have to work at hearing.... and No-see so he would not be constantly looking and drawn to the bottomless pool of gorgeous women under 60. LMAO! Just a very sweet, caring, honest...
  8. podiecat

    deaf guy looking for ms.right

    LOL! Yup, I agree... My Service Dog, Tess, is my significant other/spouse.... Definitely my most successful relationship ever! Unconditional support and never complains.
  9. podiecat

    deaf guy looking for ms.right

    AWW, that's a Bummer... LOL!
  10. podiecat

    Pics of you - Part V Lifetimes ago, age 30!!! 1982
  11. podiecat

    deaf guy looking for ms.right

    And over 55??? LOL
  12. podiecat

    Just got Purple IP relay and I have stupid questions

    It could be the best option then. Google CaptionCall and you can get the info and then sign up for an installation. It is totally free.
  13. podiecat

    Just got Purple IP relay and I have stupid questions

    Hi Ambrosia, I went through the same frustrating roller-coaster trying all of the various options as you. And yes... almost shorted out my brain! LOL I tried them all and then got a free CaptionCall phone. I recommend it if you have a landline and internet connection or router near each...
  14. podiecat

    For A Deaf Son, Documentary

    Can't watch it.... it says private.
  15. podiecat

    I am loving this book...

    Orchid of the Bayou: A Deaf Woman Faces Blindness [Paperback] Cathryn Carroll (Author), Catherine Hoffpauir Fischer (Author) Excellent book!!!!! I bought it used on Amazon for about $3. Orchid of the Bayou: A Deaf Woman Faces Blindness (9781563681042): Cathryn Carroll...
  16. podiecat

    True ASL dictionaries

    I recently got the same dictionary and agree with you. I have a question about the DVD which for me is the best part of the purchase. It says it can be copied once for back-up purposes only. What is the best way to do that? It is so interactive and supposedly will not work on most DVD...
  17. podiecat

    Shoppers learn about hearing dogs for the deaf

    My Tessa is my hearing/service dog. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions. She also helps me with light mobility and counter-balance when needed, as well as other things. I am 60, have severe hearing loss and other health issues also. I can not use hearing aids and have no help or...
  18. podiecat

    odd question about MISOPHONIA

    I am HOH and certain sounds definitely hurt my ears and make me feel like I will 'lose it' if it continues. Unfortunately, as my hearing loss has progressed, music is often not tolerated at all.
  19. podiecat

    Things That Only Happen to Deaf People

    My hearing dog alerts to many important sounds in a clear, dramatic way, but I guess she believes alerting to the sound of running water from the kitchen sink, especially when I am right near it, is below her job description. I do not hear water running even if I'm standing right there looking...
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    I found that it was Lifeprint's that finally helped me remember vocabulary. It does cost around $50 for a year's membership, but it has been worth every penny. There are four ASL vocabulary courses, one fingerspelling course, and soon will be Bill's course on classifiers. Even after...