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    Hi there, I'm trying to look for the softwares that CI users can learn the sounds from words, enivorments, and whatever. Anybody knows ? Rob Bush Nucleus 24 Contour Esprit 3G 01/30/2002
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    Unbeliveable what Allman Electrical Corp did to me =/ I am still a student at FTCC and studying electric techonolgy ... I have been through alot and this fall is my last semster to graduate.. So I went to the Allman Electrical Corp. cause they want a help. I asked the owner of this...
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    Recent GPA?

    I use to have 3.0 but dragged me down to 2.11 already arugh .. this fall semster is gunna be my last w00t
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    Do you believe in second chances?

    i agree with lunz on that. men listen to thier penis.. not by the heart.. = lame
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    I am hooked up with Nucleus 24 Contour since Jan 30th 2002, I havent wore the processor since i lost at foodlion! =[ gosh its $6,000 processor omfg .. but thank god i am gettin another one for free soon ( next time i have to pay :shock: )
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    Photoshop Q & A

    I have a full photoshop 7 in a ISO if you want msg me on aim then....
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    hello ad

    omg lol you win :(
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    hello ad

    omg OK.. you lose everybody shes my woman and dont think to ask her out! soulkiss_nc ----> :crazy: I love you jen anyway! :D :ily: thats us folks
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    who's serious PC gamer?

    I play quake 1,2,3; Battlefield 1942, Medal of Honor, and Half-life Counter-strike I play quake and cs most I am in a clan... We lan alot Quake 2 ownage Quake 3 Ownage
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    Hi, I am from North Carolina and hooked with up with CI. This site looks great..