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    Hello :)
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    Welcome to alldeaf Susan :)
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    Little Corner (Happy Space)

    I love photography :)...I've taken some beutiful photos on on the lake near my house at sunrise/sunset... Out of the reeds a small head is lurking. He is waiting to tip the canoes. He is spotted by a few of the girls... I don't mind capsizing for me and Joseph have a wetsuit on...:D...
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    Hi Everybody

    Hi :wave:
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    Little Corner (Happy Space)

    Another lady pulls out a camera. She takes pictures of the beautiful area and all the people who hang out there... Yep Bott that's mine...hands off!!! :lol:
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    "Fixing" the child or not?

    That's the same with me...I still love my family but I tend to hang out with Joseph more than my older brothers and my parents for he understands me better
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    Little Corner (Happy Space)

    Random outcasts space It is a warm day and the sun is beaming down on the grassy bank. Trees provide shade from the sun. On one of the trees in the farhind, a target hangs. A wooden bow propped underneath with an array of colourful arrows. Near that there is a mountain of leaves. Three...
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    Hi from Ohio/Maryland

    Welcome to AD :)
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    Welcome to AD
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    Introduce me!

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    Hello guys im new here

    Welcome Jorge :)
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    Little Corner (Happy Space)

    Gotta keep up with this...we move from topic to topic quickly... That's good dogmom glad your ok :aw: And a whole feast of food...*tucks into some cherry cheesecake*... There's a river nearby if anyone fancies joining me for a canoeing lesson to work off inches and pounds gathing from...
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    Little Corner (Happy Space)

    I'm kidding btw Joseph... Oh right cool...
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    Little Corner (Happy Space)

    Private joke yeah I get it :giggle:....though we really shouldn't do that in front of guests, dogs, aquitances and friends...:shock: (Sarcastically) Ah great you put me and my brother together- that what everyone does...Just kidding with ya... Sorry to hear bout your kitten, mum and wife...
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    Is Marx's tomb a communist plot?

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    Random Thoughts Thread

    Yep you got it Joseph :)
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    Hearing dog?

    :ty: dogmom :)
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    Would it be cool if I....

    True :)
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    Little Corner (Happy Space)

    Well he can be a right pain in the backside sometimes and we fight constantly... But I'd fight for him anyday :)... I'm sure he'd agree with me...
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    Little Corner (Happy Space)

    Milli and Milli's brother...I like that...:giggle: Awwww...Cagney that's a nice name...:aw: Well I've perked up a bit now that my big brother is's a twin telepathy thing we got going on...I feel safer when he's around...(He's going to kill me now :lol:) *Puts arm around...