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    I do jealous with my girlfriend a little in every time when she hang out with her friends meet other of her friends single guys. I admit it. She loves talk with new people. She's a good to people. It's hard for me. Its just a strange feeling. I know its okay and normal to be jealous. I feel...
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    Want to know my secrets?

    Hey, Hello strangers! You just read my letter here. You want to know what my secrets are?? Umm. Unless, if you want to get to know each other first. Then in eventually I will tell you the secrets! :deal: :naughty: My name is Ryan. Just for in case. You will scream my name in one...
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    Sniffing candles

    Smell this cream! :OP:
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    Love Or Money?

    :eek: Then who the heck are you?
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    Love Or Money?

    Who the heck are you? :eek:
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    Love Or Money?

    Are you a somewhat pyscho? :roll:
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    Ask MizzDeaf anything...

    :eek: How lesbian are you?
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    Love Or Money?

    Whoever is above me is :crazy:
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    Love Or Money?

    Hey you all. I saw on TV show about "Love or Money" Something. There was a very handsome and wealthy american guy. And there are about less 20 hot women. He is going to find out who is up for money or love. He is looking for a woman who truely love for him. So I was wondering. For deaf...
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    Uncle Sam Is Pointing At You!

    Hey you everybody, I am new user here. I think it is fun. So, I would love to get to know you all. Tell me about youself. I like to get to know with different new people. Make new friends, why not? P.S. I dont have sharp teeth enough to bite you all! Try me. :cool:
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    Joy of Sex

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    Hi, It's me Kalani

    Well-kom to AD. AllDeaf rules! :cool:
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    i AM NEW ...

    What part of Chicago.... I saw your name on list. I just wondering where do you lives? Just out of curious. I know most people from Chicago. Actually I am from NW surbs of IL. Can I be curious? "Learn new things everyday!:wiggle:"
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    I m brand new here.

    Hello everybody, I think this is awesome. I thought I might would make new friends! So I want to introduce myself to you. My name is Ryan. 25 years old. I am from Illinois. Indeed, I am deaf. I grew up at 5 states school for the deaf. Hearing family, expect me. I use strongly America Sign...