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    Telephone funds raided by the state of South Dakota

    A friend asked me to post this here on AD as this had surprised me and makes me wonder if the other states has raided the funds intended for Deaf services Source: State raids fund for deaf | | Argus Leader -- the continuation of the article can be found at the link.
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    who's Ddeaf,Hhoh and hearing here on ADforum?

    :deaf: here -- can speak IF i feel up to talking -- normally prefer just signing
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    Responding to hatred

    i just ignore the idiots -- im out and proud and if the homophobes have a problem with it then dont talk to me! thats the way i look at it *shrugs*
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    Just thought to share this...

    Congrats Annie! *huggies*
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    What will you eat on Thanksgiving Day?

    Ill be cooking on Thanksgiving day cooking turkey, homemade stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, devilled eggs, green bean casserole, and rolls. We also will have 2 different types of pies, bottles of wine. We will have a couple friends over who are not going home to their folks this...
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    HypoThyroid Disease (I have it)

    RebelGirl -- u are not alone -- I too have hypothyroidism and Ive been taking med (levothyroxine) for 10+ years -- there is no cure sad and have to take the med for it for life -- I normally do not take anything else -- I dont like taking anything (Rx or OTC) for every little thing, but this one...
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    The most notorious gangs in central america- the mara salvatruchas

    Thats the county i grew up in and yes theres a big problem of MS-13 gangs there -- i knew a few members from that gang thru an ex gf of mine when i was still with her at the time i know theres alot of shootings going on in Wheaton involving rival hispanic gangs now a days as my mom and...
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    AllDeaf's very own trash newspaper

    :rofl: this is too hilarious! :thumb:
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    Quote of the day

    :rofl: Javapride -- now feel better qq :nana:
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    Quote of the day

    "ok i'll shit up" as said by Javapride when she meant to say SHUT up and inadvertly typed "shit" while chatting on IM :laugh2:
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    Update of my disappearance! :)

    MsGiglz!!!! :hug: Glad to see u are back on AD! we miss all of u!!! Glad u are staying busy and DO take care of urself well!
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    I guess I'm back!

    :wave: welcome back to AD gnulinuxman!
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    How do you sign...

    We use that sign in Wisconsin as well :lol: i happen to agree that their coffee IS overpriced!
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    Why deafies have two TV sets in one room??

    we also have 2 TVs in the same general area too -- 1 is for shows/movies and the other is for VP/gaming and no they're not next to eachother :lol: i find it so much easier that way anyway so 1 can be on VP or gaming while the other TV is still available for use if the other wants to watch a...
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    Rude employee at McDonalds

    :lol: i like that Rachel! :thumb: and i agree!
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    What did she doing today ? Ugh !

    :birthday: to youuuu Katzie gurl!!! :party: Hope the day is a great one for u! :cheers:
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    Hello From An Autistic Mute Girl

    :wave: welcome to AD wolfchild -- enjoy ur stay! :D
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    Today another...

    :birthday: to youuuu Purrs! Hope the day was a great one! :cheers:
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    Wedding Pix!

    Congratulations Tweetybird!
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    First post!

    :wave: welcome to AD Sheila -- enjoy ur stay! :D