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    What happened to AD this morning?????

    minimum security. what do you expect?
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    What happened to AD this morning?????

    All computers at our place's still intact and accounted for. Might have happened in the labs, though. Computers there gets screwy after students get their hands on 'em.
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    Happy Birthday Wickedeyed

    well, it goes without saying, happy birthday. now come over and i ll cook you your dinner tonight!
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    sometimes i look around and i miss :spam: ... sometimes. sometimes i look around and i miss people long gone Mods, delete my name-- pointless those days.
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    This pic reminds me of

    Re: This pic from left to right reminds me of VamPyroX, d, wickedeyed,and bythefrozenlake at least im the one with the big bottle of beer. lol
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    For UK/NZ/AUS sport fans

    for those who are from New Zealand, Australia, and England, how the heck do you play cricket? Gimme descriptions. :D
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    What is the different between Best friend and good friend?

    I go with "friends arent the people who bails you out of jail- theyre the one right besides you in that jailcell saying "that fuckin rocked!"
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    by that time i ll be busy with my occupation.
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    allright, for those who want to know, it was all sordid.. *MOD EDIT: that was too sordid for me to allow to post!*
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    yeah, blame me for the funk when I was all busy tending to the wildfire.
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    Travel Trivia: Can you guess the answer to the following question?

    Badlands, ND.. I would have gotten into this if i knew about this a while back.
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    is it just me or the quality of the threads on AD gone on summer vacation along with like 93% of the members, or what?
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    As a child

    my parents are deaf, divorced, but i never had a problem. But, the family beyond my parents are all hearing, so I know how some people here feel- I feel left out during fmaily events, where people gather and catch up on their own news- but usually they dont really try to communicate with my mom...
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    Opened caption theatres -- used to be tripod. not sure if it helps u.
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    Technological Advances for AD

    well, i didnt know theres another choice to "Judge, it was either her or me!"?
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    Technological Advances for AD

    pardon me. :mrgreen:
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    How many pitchers does it take to no-hit the Yankees?

    hey, give some respect to the yankees-- theyre the most expensive joke mankind ever created.
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    Technological Advances for AD

    married guys lose turn-on switches 4 or so years into their marriage. Youll have to grope for it, apparently
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    Technological Advances for AD

    To enchance the AllDeaf Experince: 1. Enter home, office or dorm room, preferably via door or window. Use of key may be required. 2. Locate switch for overhead light or desk lamp. 3. Using switch, turn on overhead light or desk lamp. Note: If it is currently daytime and no artificial...