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    For those who live in illinois (chicagoland) and is interested in MEDICAL FIELD such as medical assistant, dental assistant, and billing/coding. NEwS FLASH on ILLINOIS SCHOOL for HEALTH CAREERs! If you come across to ILLINOIS SCHOOL for HEALTH CAREERS (near OHARE), please CONTACT ME! I...
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    Deaf Nurse

    anyone can become a nurse, DEAF, HOH or HEARING! they can go to ANY school they want and the school is REQUIRE BY LAW to provide an interpter!!! if they do not provide an interpter, the school can get into ALOT ALOT of trouble!!! i am student to become medical assistant. (i am deaf) i am in...
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    part time job wanted! nanny/caregiver!

    HI I am seeking for a PART TIME JOB. any hours of friday, sat and sunday! i have MANY yrs of experience working as a caregiver for disabilities, deaf/hoh, cancer, etc. I am currently a full time student to become medical assistant! Chicago area and North Chicagoland. Please email me for...
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    new from chicago!

    hi everyone.. im from chicago.. im looking for jobs in chicago, northwest chicago or NORTH (near WISC!) as medical assistant. ill be grad, APRIL 2010.. if you or know anyone with advice related to medical field, please do share! im hoping to get entership with mount sinani but looking to...