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    Glossing Help

    So I'm taking an ASL class and have a few glossing questions. The sentences are in English word order but not full English and I need to add my non-manuals. Many of them are like DOG IX-HE WONDERFUL, which I would put ad WONDERFUL DOG IX-HE. with dog as my topic right? But then there is this one...
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    Glossing help

    Hi, I'm currently taking an online ASL class and this week is the final. We only got a few pages of notes for grammar and nothing else. I've done okay on the few assignments before this where I had to gloss. I really want to do well on my final so it would be greatly appreciated if someone could...
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    Glossing Sentences

    Kind of, I used the website the other person suggested. It was really helpful and I could do the sentences they gave me in the workbook(there is a free one). When it came to glossing my sentences I couldn't figure them out for some reason. I don't know why so I found something that was a little...
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    Glossing Sentences

    I'm currently taking an ASL class online and have to gloss my own sentences for the first time. Since the class is online and we don't actually go to class we haven't really gone over glossing. we have grammar notes but that's about it. Are there any good websites that could take me through...