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    Dry and Store - Is It Worth It?

    i never used it for many years.. and i dont even bother to used those dry & store.. like people were saying , same here.. i went to the pool with it, shower , rain.. everything.. and it is still good! but now i think that maybe it is worth it .. ( i better start doing mine.. ) smile
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    Cochlear Implants

    wendy- yeah.. i relized that.. i have to learn how to ingore it.. i do... my ear rings like 4 or 5 hours all night.. that what thing i am sick of it.. i didnt know that bendryl helped it... maybei can try that... smile.. thank for the advices.. smile
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    Cochlear Implants

    yeah.. you are right.. there is no luck.. i just went to the doc.. and he was saying that it is part of side effect... like ear rings, headaches, and much more.. i am sure of it.. so i just have to accpet it and learning to ingored it... it always at night time.. ( that when i get it off before...
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    whoa it been a long time ,

    hey ! the last time i came visit this website was 3/6/04.. wow.. what a big different! looking better! well since i havent been update for long time.. i am from Michigan.. i am hoping that i can keep up with this website.. i am 22 year old... sorry this is soo short.. i dont...
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    Cochlear Implants

    Hi, I got my Colchelar Implants in June 26-2003.. I really did enjoying it now.. I was 21 when i got it.. and now i have question.. I have noticed that my ear have been ringing for pretty long time (ONLY if i dont have my cochelar implants on..) Does that ever happend to you? let me know :-)...
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    So, Where are you from?

    I'm from Michigan :-)
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    Age check

    I am 20.. but in few more weeks.. i will be 21!!!!!!! cant wait...
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    Which school???

    I goes to OCC ( Oakland Community College ) in Michigan... I went to NTID/RIT in 2001-2002.. (( i kinda miss NTID)) I do want to go back there.. but i know that i dont have any major there.. so i guess i am stuck... :-(
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    The Official Member Picture Thread

    dont be sad :-) be happy :-) :smile:
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    The Official Member Picture Thread

    haha... should i accpet the kiss?? NAH!!! hahah smile..sad.. dapirlz have boyfriend.. look like no kissing.. :)
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    The Official Member Picture Thread

    Hey Justin.. i dont know if u remmy me... This is Kristina.. we had same class together in DIPT... in winter and spring.. i was always with one girl name Jenni? if u cant remmy me.. go look at this SN of Dapilz... there is pix of me..
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    High School Graduates Only

    Let see.... umm... there is lots of things that I DONT wish for... i wanna to go back to high school again... cuz i miss lots of things during HS.. but if things that i wish that --join more sports -- stop all the fighting that we had .. ( hard of hearing VS deaf) it was HELL 4 years...
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    Does anybody live in Florida?

    my dad own a place in near Fort Lauderdale, west palm beach... i am not sure which one... haha i havent gone there for a while ....
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    What is ur fave color?

    i have noticed that most people like purple... yaya PURPLE RULES!! :crazy:
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    You Have Won!!!!

    i just noticed something... i have noticed that.. i remmy when i was little girl... i remmy that million is worth it.. and now we are talking about it.. you guys made me relized that.. million is NOT worth it... i didnt thought about that now... you are right.. million is nothing... we need...
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    You Have Won!!!!

    * i am just being little silly today* :crazy: .. If you have won $one millions dallors!!! what would u do with it?? If i won... FOR SURE... get myseft new place to staywith inside/ outside pool, new car, give my family some money .... and i just save it for later.. but i know that i...
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    What is your marital status?

    << being young and single :smile: :D
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    Why did you choose....

    WOW!! i love that color!!!!!!!!!!!!.. and cute car by the way too! :smile:
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    How you feel ??

    you know how they are!! u are right.. sheesh at them.. :ugh: but remmy not lots of people like them... so important.. i will stay away from them....
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    How you feel ??

    look like maybe some drugs dont affect the baby... but still.. i think it WRONG thing to do.. i mean.. people can wait for about at less one year... so to keep the baby safe.. but remmy sometime the weeds are not good this times.. i am sure that back the old times.. it was PURE!! but this...