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    Terping on words that you're stumped with.

    For something like "hotbox" I would show in ASL what it means... people in a car smoking, car full of smoke... that! lol.
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    Hi! Trying to become an interpreter

    my understanding is if you get certified before June 30 you will still need to get the degree after the 30th... I would look into that.
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    What is the sign for "park"?

    i am right hand dominant and I sign PARK with a P handshape on my right sholder, not the same motion as cop.. little bit of a circle... I am so bad at explaining signs lol
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    any interpreters teaching

    Hi AmyJ - I am in the TERP program but once I am done I do plan on teaching... I already have my Degree in Education. Not sure if that works for you but I can try and answer your question(s)
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    Classifiers: How Much?

    80%+ as per my ASL teacher. I however dont use them that often...
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    ASL Student and Niece of Deaf Uncle

    welcome to alldeaf
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    Hi my e-mail name is ASL student, original I know

    Welcome to the boards... I am moving to BC for the interpreter program :) So needless to say I too once was an ASL student, in alberta. Why did you decide to take ASL? (I always get this question)
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    Do you Like to fly?

    I absolutely HATE to fly. I had a bad experience with turbulance one time when I was in grade 10... that was over 10 years ago and it still stresses me. I still fly though...
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    Hiya from Canada

    are you sure you are canadian? hehe just kidding (y'all is american LOL) Welcome, from a fellow canadian :D
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    I work at wal-mart and kids are NOT supposed to use them in the store... they do. I have seen kids get hit by carts because they come out of the aisle SO FAST... it is dangerous and the parents need to be more responsible for their kids
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    who's hearie here on AD? (what are you here for?)

    I am hearing... I took ASL classes and this september I start the interpreter program... Just here to meet new people :)
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    Yeah the woman I work with has said this "80% of the conversation is Classifiers" I find it hard to use classifiers, but I am getting better lol
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    Hey, ASL teachers - do you "mouth"?

    The woman I work with she mouths during class and teaching... but exams there is no mouthing unless it is needed. (ie -mouth morphenes sp??)
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    Canadian disability laws?

    they have laws regarding Education... but nothing like ADA in the states for disabilities
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    Hey Everyone!

    Welcome to AllDeaf.
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    Who loves Math?

    Ok so how does 1+1=0 .... let me explain I took a class in my ed degree called "Ring Theory" In this class we dealt with Integral domains. If it was an integral domain of 2 than that number system only has 2 number...(0,1) so if you add 1+1 you have 2, but since you only have two numbers...
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    stupid teacher!

    Wow, I have no advice but just wanted to say that I am sorry this is happening. Good luck, this teacher sounds like an idiot! "Sit at the front" (some hearing people are so stupid)
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    Who loves Math?

    I love math! I am a math major. I graduated with my Ed Degree. I can teach jr/sr high math. The best thing I learnt in one university math class is how 1+1=0 (and no, one is not negative)
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    Future Interpreter!

    Welcome.... I too am going to take the interpreter program this fall... I am so excited! I started learning ASL through my ed degree... I had non ed options to fill... I became addicted to ASL class LOL
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    Hearing looking to make Deaf or HH Friends

    I use viable vission with my web cam to call VP's... I too am hearing and actually going to the TERP program this fall. :)