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    silent... silly question, why not.. *shush*

    I wear my HAs on and off. Ive gone days without wearing them. I almost always wear them when I get out of the house or when watching movies and sometimes wear them when talking with parents. I can easily read lips even without sounds. I do like sounds and would love to hear some sounds without...
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    Man Ties Record For Biggest Largemouth Bass

    Think he's gonna sell the skin/hide of that bass and the buyer will have it stuffed? Could be worth a fortune! Id sell some of the meat for like $50 a pound!
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    Cops: Woman Poisoned Lover with Margarita

    She should get the death penality! What a crazy woman that did such a cruel thing!
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    Waterproof Hearing Aids Tested

    I don't care for HAs when im swimming. I can read lips and can do without hearing the splash, not a big deal.
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    Crazy Gainesville woman faces felony for prostitution

    The Independent Florida Alligator: News - Women arrested after offering sex to undercover cop A Gainesville woman was arrested after she was caught prostituting an underage girl to an undercover cop Wednesday night. According to the report, Gainesville police were informed by an anonymous...
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    Hungry? Eat some nanorobots once every 100 years!

    source of article: Accelerating Future WFS Update: Robert Freitas on How Nuclear-Powered Nanobots Will Allow Us to Forgo Eating a Square Meal for a Century Excerpt: One food replacement Dr. Freitas has described is nuclear powered nanorobots. Here’s how these would work: the only reason...
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    Finally sold my house and closed the sale today.

    I can rent a room in a $500k house for around $800 a month in Aspen/Vail Colorado. I could even rent the whole house for half the cost of owning the same house. Lots of nice mountains and trees, wouldn't want to be there in the winter though! Even before I knew about stem cells, I wasn't...
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    Swiss Speeder Faces $290,000 Fine

    I honestly think a fine based on your wealth is an excellent idea! This comes out to $2900 for someone with $200,000 wealth. That's still a huge fine but he was speeding way, way above the limit. I think American courts should do the same and save prison sentences for felons.
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    Climate 'denial' is now a mental disorder!

    Climate 'denial' is know a mental disorder - Telegraph I don't deny that our climate is changing...
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    Death Sentence Vacated: "Low IQ"

    The thing is an intelligant person could stop and think of the consequences of their actions. They have a brain, stop and think before you act!
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    Dating Web Site Kicks Out "Fatties"

    Theres thousands of other dating websites you can take your business to. Don't give that website another dime of your money. A business has the right to refuse to do business with you, if they go out of business, good riddence then! Theres also many free dating sites, ive signed up for a few...
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    What would you do if aliens come to earth?

    If the aliens didn't look scary, dangerous, hostile id chat to them by telepathy. They would read my mind and understand everything. I would want them to use their technology to turn Earth into an utopia. No more crime, sex, lust, wars, greed, etc.
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    Florida: Strange? Odd? Weird? Bizarre?

    This is my excuse to move out of Florida! :giggle:
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    Do you think Deafness is disease???

    Doctors and most people see disabilities as something to cure, treat, fix, etc. They say it would improve the quality of life. Deafness isn't a disease, but a disability(my opinion). I voted neutral as id like to become hearing(my choice).
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    New HDTVs May Soon Be Obsolete? Thanks a Lot, 3D

    This is old news, but still a nice touch. 2-D won't be obsolete anytime soon, but 3-D will be an option for the rich. Id love a 3-D monitor :)
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    Death Sentence Vacated: "Low IQ"

    I wonder if he flunked the IQ test on purpose to have his life spared? Someone with a high IQ isn't likley to commit violent crimes.
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    Much of U.S. is cold and getting colder

    Turning the a/c below 72f is a waste! My mom turned the heat last night but I didn't need it myself. This is south Florida, not the arctic! It's chilly but nothing like the cold you guys endure up north. I don't even own a jacket lol.
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    Finally sold my house and closed the sale today.

    There's more than one Oil City ;) I was looking into Texas when crap houses were going for $250,000 in south Florida. Those houses are now $125,000 which is still too much. I would like a house for $50,000 or at least for under $100,000. As prices drop more and more, this is becomming a...