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    Pls Pray For Punkywolfy!

    Hey I just vp PunkyWolfy he is doung better I thank god that PunkyWolfy is okay.. whew! :) Thank you for let us know. Tweety
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    Oh Come On......

    Chicken Whimp Alex
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    Just thought to share this...

    Wow--- Congrats to you... keep in the faith :) I'm happy fot you both. ;)
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    ooVoo/Camfrog time!

    As if you have oovoo you'll like it more fun is because we can chat up to 6 of them... FUN! and crazy etc. :)
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    What would you do if a friend wouldn't take blame for a problem that he caused?

    Hello! SweetOrchid. My advice is that just let him ago... not let him bothering you or ingoring. I had the same with my ex gf YEARS ago... it was very annoyed and other things, but after I decided I "shutted" her out means that I decide not to keeping fighting, or whatever you name it, Anyway...
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    HellOoOoOoOoO :D Welcome to AD. Enjoying it!
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    Banjo's First Vlog

    Hey! You did a great job!! Keeping going!! :) you're the brave to doing it!! on vblog not me... I would be nervous wack! lol! Anyway congreats!! Banjo! :D
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    The 3 New Mods

    Hey Congrats all 3 of you!! keep the eyes on us! hee hee!
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    ooVoo/Camfrog time!

    Found YOU! lol
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    ooVoo/Camfrog time!

    Hello!! Yes, I have oovoo its cool... Not been on this very often oh well add me if YOU want :) PM me
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    Would you participate in a YouTube video contest??

    Heeey! Woa.. hella no, I refuse make a video of myself I am way S H Y because I cannot think of what to telling. LOL well-- I dont like to see myself with funny sign. ;) haha
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    Coffey signing ABC backwards!!!! and Racing times with Daddy!

    A so cute! I lauged. it made me smile!! so sweet to spelling ABC. LOL
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    What is "Love" mean to you?

    OOO Cheri Cheri! I love you!! as friends, too! :)
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    What is "Love" mean to you?

    So cute!! :giggle: I dont mean sounds like that I am falling in love. LOL OOOOH baby! haha I am kidding. Anyway, yes, I do understand what you are talking about.
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    What is "Love" mean to you?

    that is what I am asking, and been wondering, I know it is a very TOUGH! yes, your point is very true about Love with lust is very.... confusing.
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    What is "Love" mean to you?

    yes, I know what you mean, me too! TB.
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    What is "Love" mean to you?

    Yes, I know what you are trying to explain and say... Bebonag, your right about differnt relationships.
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    What is "Love" mean to you?

    Cheri, I have to say that I agreed with you, but you know how people dont get it how they sharing the love mean in the genreal not mean like in a relationships, but love is showing them how much I care and concerning... yes, we all are sinned, make mistken that we learned.
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    What is "Love" mean to you?

    Yes, I agreed!! I am sure that everyone felt that way...
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    What is "Love" mean to you?

    Hey TB :hug: yes, I know I was like C'mon! feel very hurting... so I understood!