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    Cochlear Yes or Cochlear No?

    How is "single sided deafness" not "how many ears are broken". Does not the word "single" mean "one" ?? My point here is that there are MANY factors that determine if a baha or ci is indicated. Making generalizations based on the number of broken units , not which parts are broken , is not...
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    Cochlear Yes or Cochlear No?

    WOAH !!!! you have it wrong .. BAHA and CI are completely different technologies for completely different types of loss. Unilateral or bilateral have NOTHING to do with the choice between a CI and a BAHA. It is what part of the ear is broken that determines which choice is best. Not...
  3. C petition for CI coverage

    Well . this is pretty much bullshit .. First off , united healthcare DOES cover implants. I know this for a fact , as they paid for one of mine :-) Secondly .. FDA guidelines are 1 year. Implanting younger then that requires a waver from the FDA and is considered experimental. This is the...
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    N5 Cochear implant How long does batteries last until they are dead?

    I get 'days' ( 3 or 4 ) out of the zinc air batteries , and usually about 18~24 hours out of the rechargeable. Also worth of note , is that the n5 water resistance rating is only valid with the rechargeable.
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    Have you ever tried to wear CI or HA when you are sleeping in bed?

    I most often just fall asleep with my Ci's on. Sometimes I like to fall asleep to an audio book.
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    HA vs CI"s

    Not sure if I know of a list like that. But I can tell you that with my ci-512 internals and N5 Processor.I can tell when my bacon is done frying just by the sound of it. From the other room , if I want. Just had the other side done with the cr24re internals. only recently activated so I...
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    CI Surgery Date :)

    Hang in there.. My first month or two after activation , I felt like I made a huge mistake. But it got better over time.So much better that , just over two years later , I was so impressed with the progress , I had my other side done. Just hang in there and work with your audi. After a few...
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    Mass. woman sues FedEx over marijuana delivery

    What evidence does she have that fed-ex gave them her address ?? To me , it sounds more like someone used her address at random to have a package delivered. And were hoping to come and just take the package off the door step. Especially if they waited.
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    Almost 5 years later

    Depends on which part you are talking about. Remember there are two parts , the internal and the external. CA does not offer it anymore due to recall , but they did offer the CI512 internal. They used Titanium cases and were the thinnest implants available. However the differences between...
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    "Lazy" way to get free money?

    Buy for a dollar , sell for two. Nothing lazy about that. Thats the basic concept behind every store on the planet.
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    HA vs CI"s

    Anyone that promises you anything in regards to a CI is being less then honest with you. It is a 100% personal process with lots of factors that can change the outcome. Everything from how your body will form scar tissue around the electrode , to how well your skull / skin conducts electricity (...
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    CI Surgery Date :)

    Thats pretty quick. I am bi-latteral , my first was almost 12 hours before I felt Ok enough to leave .. Second was much better , but still at least 6 hours from knockout to walk out. Good luck.
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    Going bilateral...

    Just to clarify .. Nucleus 5 isn't the implant , thats the processor.A processor that could , depending on which internals you have , work with your current implant ( Most likely its the CI24RE ). So if its just the processor that you want , there is a good chance you could upgrade your...
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    Writing in asl syntax / grammar

    I think I understand what you are saying. And I do see evidence of this in other situations then just this forum. It is just very frustrating at times. It can be VERY hard to understand someone with all of the clues. Its often as if half the meaning is missing, and then I am forced to work and...
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    Writing in asl syntax / grammar

    Thank you reba and laura , you seem to understand the question I am asking. It would be great to hear from someone that writes in asl grammar to explain why exactly they decided to write the way that they do. Especially when they have already shown that they can understand normal english...
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    Writing in asl syntax / grammar

    Ok .. just forget I even asked the question. Its obvious this is going to degrade into some sort of arguments. I am simply trying to understand , and its already devolved into insults.
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    Should my Naida FM contacts look like this?

    The green part is a coating on the circuit board to protect it. That is normal and on all electronic devices. You may want to clean the gold portion a bit with a pencil eraser LIGHTLY. Thats the part that actually makes electrical contact with the external part. Ideally , they should be shinny...
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    ? just a question!

    Do you know what type of procdure they will be performing ? There are a few diffrent types. This page gives a pretty good overview of what to expect.
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    Writing in asl syntax / grammar

    Its just that its obvious that those that post here can understand and can read normal english grammar / syntax. Why write your text in such an imprecise way , it can be very easily be misinterpreted. its just that it looses SO MUCH when written. To me , it can get frustrating when trying...
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    Writing in asl syntax / grammar

    I have a serious question regarding folks that write in asl syntax or grammar. Why do you do it ? If you can read and understand regular english syntax / grammar well enough to read and understand these forums , why write text using such an imprecise style? Honestly , without the...