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    death penalty too expensive?

    Rope would be alot cheaper, you can use it again and again ....but then, i dont really support death penatly...the person who did the crime will have awful feeling and have to suffer, the way i think it...when they die they take the easy way out.
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    Must Be Popular Students to attend Gallaudet?

    nah, I wasnt popular when i went to gally. Ive met some good people there and have plenty of friends :)
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    up for grabs is...

    Please ask all kind of question before u get serious about buying the car.
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    up for grabs is...

    my 1996 Oldsmobile SuperemeCutless 1996 Oldsmobile Cutless - Owen Sound Oldsmobile Cars For Sale - Kijiji Owen Sound <---- more info about my car..the money is in canadian dollars. any questions ask away.
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    So, i went and bought a new car....again!

    Well, i still got the monty...not a great car for winter LOL Warm weather is coming around and i am happy. I love the car it runs really good, very good on gas it lasts me over a week. problem? 2 doors thing is starting to take its toll on me. ohh well, what can i say? lol my next...
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    What kind of transportation that you prefer to ride to work or school?

    i think its illegal here as well. As long I get picked up before cops come along. I hitchhike at a very last resort. Caught a ride with my friends for a while til my car got fixed up.
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    Post your gas prices Part II

    78 cent a L close to my work last friday :)
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    What kind of transportation that you prefer to ride to work or school?

    I drive to work everyday as there is no public transportation here. I had to hitchhike to work once lol.
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    Could I keep the exit car and put a new engine and trans?

    Yeah, I remember rear ending somebody yhtat didnt move his ass quickly but oh well anyways The repair was more than what my car was worth so it was written off insurance gave me 2 choices... 1. surrender the vehicle to the insurance (gave them my ownership to the car) and get a...
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    Post your gas prices Part II

    Filled my monty at 80 cents a litre on friday. Ever since i repaced a busted pulley from tensioner, the gas got better! I aveage 350 to 400 KM a week and still has plenty of gas. (i dont usually let needle go past 1/4)
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    ZX2 Escort goes into semi-retired...Just got a Isuzoo

    maybe time to sell your zx2? -more room on the driveway -one less car insurance payment to worry about. I know how u feel, I've had my 1983 chevy impala that had a 305 4 barrel for about 6 years. i sold it then i was going to buy it back from the guy and restore it but he junked...
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    Could I keep the exit car and put a new engine and trans?

    The only time i would consider swapping out eng and tranny is when i want to juice it up. Like most ppl here says the eng and trans will last alot longer since it is "new". bear in mind of the car value and the prices of motor and the transmission. if the car is worth MORE than the trans and eng...
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    ZX2 Escort goes into semi-retired...Just got a Isuzoo

    I love manuals...on a honeymoon my wife and i borrowed a almost brand new jeep with 6 spd. the jeep was cj-like and it flies on highway at 6 spd lol it was fun. my car, unfortunely is an automatic but one of those days i'll get myself a 5 spd.
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    Heya from Canada

    hey there from bruce county, ontario lol welcome to AllDeaf. :)
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    Who got snow?

    we got lots of snow here and my wife was out on her all day snowmobiling trek with her friends..I sold my snowmobile a couple weeks ago. so i was stuck here lol. Hopefully i'll get a better sled in the next year or so.
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    none on both count...I'm rarely on AllDeaf.
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    Presidential pets for Obama?

    they should get a st.benard. lol
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    Topping when filling gas tank

    i jut top it off. if its 41.50..i just let it go to 42.00. but i do not over do it or anything. makes no sense spilling gas to the ground.
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    Post your gas prices Part II

    filled my tank at 84 cent a liter last nite.
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    Two State and Local Polices pulled me over in two hours! today! ROFL!!

    Here in ontario canada, I renew my lic plate sticker and fail to renew it is i think 95 dollars ticket plue surchage. My old sticker were 2 years past date and i was fined for that 2 years ago lol. Since then i make it a point to re-new the sticker a month before my birthday.