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    Hello; deaf Tennessean living in Chile.

    Thats awesome! I just got done playing club sevens at my college and love rugby all together, although I don't know any ASL I'd love to message you about possibly learning together online.
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    ASL Practice and Teaching

    I am in Idaho
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hi there, My name is Blake, and I just graduated from college this last May. I have experienced interactions with d/hoh people in my life, although it is only as of late that I have truly appreicated what it means to be able to communcaite with them and understanding the deaf community as a...
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    Peers suck

    I am so sorry to hear that, I started learning ASL in college (just graduated this year) and I couldn't imagine anyone speaking poorly on those who are d/hoh behind their bacl. Is there a ASL club on your campus or facilities that promote inclusion in that sense? There are always people looking...
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    ASL Practice and Teaching

    Hello everyone! I am looking for someone to help me start/advance my ASL (I have learned some very basic sign from Youtube with the marvelous Bill Vickers). I have been studying lightly on my own but not having someone to correct me and sign with has been very difficult for both consisentcy and...