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    If Drivers Don’t Hear Directions, They Can Feel Them

    It funny and can be very helpful in promoting accident:shock:
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    Deaf, hard-of-hearing students perform first test of sign language by cell phone

    Repetition is not always bad. If one misses the forum thread related to his / her query and by chance visited another thread which deals with the same issue then it will be a time saving factor for them. Regards
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    Phonak vs. Oticon

    Either it is phonak or oticon until and unless it is working fine there is no need of switching to another one. The basic thing which these devices do for you is to make hearing easy and comfortable. So, if it is working fine I don't think one may go for another one. Regards
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    Phonak vs. Oticon

    Majority of people prefer Phonak over Oticon Sumo especially in noisy situations. What I believe is that whatever the aid one uses it must be replaced within five years with the suggestion of the audiologists or doctors. Also one must go for a hearing test by wearing the aid to check the...
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    Phonak vs. Oticon

    Thanks for the discussion. This will certainly help the people who are looking for some new and effective hearing aids. One must always have an idea about the new products and how it will be helping it more. These forums are really great place to discover new technology and products. One must...
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    Dizziness after implantation

    The inner ear problem is the basic reason to cause vertigo. The best way of reducing it or avoiding it is the some basic exercises. If CI is helpful in reducing vertigo its quite good. But I still recommend for exercises as it helps in minimizing the chances of other diseases like Benign...
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    How to Decide on Cochlear Implant Surgery for Children

    As far as I think CI is bit too much for a kid to handle as some precautions need to be taken. But for an adult I think it is one of the quite nice way to minimize the effect of deafness. But, I strongly recommend to take suggestion from audiologists/doctors before going for a CI. Regards
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    Putting your deaf children in which schools...and why?

    Hi, Deafness partial or total lack of hearing. It may be present at birth or may be acquired at any age thereafter. So school's are very important for every deaf children's . Through this deaf children and teenagers make their friends for life, even where they may meet their future...
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    WSU: Audist college?

    Hi, Audist effort is very important to the success of the deaf student. I thik the deaf education program was not discussed. This is an excellent discussion and great post. Respect and treat Deaf and hearing persons equally. Deaf consumers and interpreters need to work together in order for...
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    Why don't you like cochlear implant?

    There are some reasons due to which people avoid using the cochlear implant. First of all people have to remove it before going for swimming. It is quite tough to handled by a sport person. Also it required batteries which needed to be changed regularly. People can't go through some medical...
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    Teacher of the Deaf: Help me out?

    Hi Derek, Hats off to your decision. Not many people think towards this. I really appreciate you if you get succeed in this noble cause. Really, deaf people are ignored when it comes to educational matters. Education to deaf is really necessary as they can have some confidence and can do...
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    Can Hard of hearing people get a CI?

    CI is a very simple and effective technology for hearing loss patients. It is for making surgery easy both for patients and surgeon. One can go for this surgery after a consultation with their doctors. Also one must consider their severity of hearing loss before going for the operation. They...
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    Anyone able to enjoy music with their cochlear implant?

    Cochlear implants are only for simplifying surgery. Also it make surgery more effective and successful. As far as I know one can enjoy music at its best after having cochlear implant. Well I am telling this just because I know some people who already gone through the cochlear implants, but no...
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    Cochlear Implant Funds

    As far as I know there are insurance companies in every country which can cover the cost of the operations. Also one can contact some money lenders or payday loan company if they are looking for a short term finance. Regards
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    IES cochlear implant is a nice way of simplifying the surgical process which is helpful for both surgeon and patients. This technique uses the ear canal and minimizes the risk of facial paralysis. Cochlear implant is composed of three parts: the IRU,SPU, and Battery Pack. The use of these parts...
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    People are shouting at me

    Hi, It quite normal that people are unable to adjust the hearing aids properly. Its because of some unwanted sound generated by the device. People must consult the audiologists before taking any hearing aids. Also they must preferred quality and tested hearing aids. Regards