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    Deaf Email Server

    Anyone know of an email server run by the Deaf ? There used to be like 3. One was out of Las Vegas. Thanks !
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    I dumped anything Android. Went to Apple products such as Iphone. Now use Iphone 5s.
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    How are you feeling today? Part II

    I thought Grummer did yoga all these years !!!! How you been Grummer ?
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    Life is finally getting better..NOT

    Homeschooled kids looking better and better nowdays !
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    Med El CI users ?

    I have a MedEl Opus 2 model. Blue and antracite colors lol. You can make your own skins from the printer with the right setup Send us a pic of his skinned up processor !
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    my CI update, 4 years later

    The higher the pps ( speed) the clearer and crisper sounds become . I am clocking at max pps of around 45,000 lol I have had my MedEL implant for almost 4 years now and wow what a journey. It does take some work and patience in the process of training the brain to comprehend speech and...
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    Will a cochlear implant work for...

    Cochlear America is dealing with a recall now on their new implant. AB has had 5 recalls in the last 10 years and many implants still failing today. I wouldnt put cochlear implants on my kids . And yes my kids have a hearing loss. Deafness is not a " disease" and the sooner the parents and...
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    Envoy Esteem middle ear implant

    Anyone implanted with the Envoy Esteem still have a high chance of more hearing loss and it will lead to either deafness or the cochlear implant.
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    CI appt :)

    I have the MedEl Opus2 and very happy with it the last 3 years . Now I am working on gettng the other ear implanted with the MedEl Opus2 soon !! AB have way too many recalls and implants are still failing . Cochlear have the same ole internal parts with a new " shell' and had a recall with...
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    What happens if the Supreme Court strikes down 'Obamacare'?

    Once the US Supreme Court announces its ruling , Owebama can either resign, retake classes on Constitutional Law and pass and not cheat, start packing his belongings to move out of the White House. The new congress and new president will then take up the healthcare issue and hopefully do it...
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    My Cochlear Implant

    Do like me, Sing Alvin n Chipmunks song till after the 4th remapping... I am now heading for my 2nd cochlear implant for my last ear. Good Luck singing !!!
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    Any suggestions on a good ci product

    Cochlear Americas having a recall issue with their newest model... Good thing I picked MedEl !!!
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    I Won't Fight Cancer Again

    Pouring more sand into your hourglass... More sand on the way...
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    Cochlear America Recall

    Line up for yer re implantation surgeries Cochlear America borgs...
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    Cochlear America Recall

    Bionic ear maker Cochlear recalls hearing implants - Yahoo! News SYDNEY (AP) — Bionic ear maker Cochlear has been forced to begin a global recall of the world's thinnest hearing implants after some stopped working. The Sydney-based company, which dominates the world's bionic ear market, said...
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    ATT Atruix Cellphone

    Anyone using this phone yet ? Pros ? Cons ?
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    AT&T Imposing 150GB Data Cap for DSL Customers Starting May 2

    All cellphone companies will be imposing limits. Thanks to the Apple cult people hogging up the lines. Thanks a lot Apple/Iphoney
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    apps for iPhone?

    Send it baccckkkkk.... Get an android !!!!
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    why magnet for implant?

    I have noticed I am getting smarter since I got the Cochlear Implant a few years ago. So, I am assuming the magnet is helping my brain to retain more information. I have the strongest magnet available for my MedEl implant due to my thick skin. Dr. Phil is married to a Vegas hooker and is a...
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    Sorenson Ntouch

    I have used ntouch for over a month and overall it works very well. No screen freeze at all like I had with Z4 and P3... Hurray for Sorenson for coming out with a great product !!!