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  1. naisho

    The Walking Dead

    Ron is still Jessie's son, and she probably cares more about him than she does about Rick or Carl. Guess we'll just see how this time line unfolds.
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    Percentage of adult women living with parents hits 75 year high

    Is it a federal student loan? Have you looked into public service forgiveness, it applies for educators. You can get your loans forgiven for working at least 10 years in the field.
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    Percentage of adult women living with parents hits 75 year high

    There's the whole other issue of rent/mortgage costs in urban/suburban metro societies, which is becoming increasingly unaffordable by many. Especially folks who haven't collected on a will or from family savings, inherited family business and money, and so on. $1500-$2500 for a place in NYC...
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    The Walking Dead

    I wonder why only Morgan showed up of all the main group.
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    Please Help: PhD - Questionnaire on Entrepreneurial Preferences‏

    160 respondents to your survey could be a difficult number to reach online. People might not be interested unless they have a high chance to get something out of it. You might have a better outcome looking for a real/physical location that supports or helps deaf or hard of hearing people (club...
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    Which AD members have you met?

    I have met some of the original members, and some of the later crew: Alex (the boss), paperclip, authentic, deafbajagal, TWA, PowerOn, Daredevel7, Rio, Oddball, Lavender, posts from hell, matajan, freckles, Jiro, Frisky Feline, Katz, Chevy57, Tousi, are just some of the names I can remember...
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    Hello, this is a notice for people interested in posting in here. If you don't have anything nice to say, best to not post anything here or it'll be removed since it doesn't contribute to the topic. Repeat offenders will be dealt with. Thanks for reading.
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    What if......

    What if 90% of the regulars on your social media sites (AD, facebook, twitter, reddit, etc) disappeared and stopped posting without a reason, what would you do with nobody online?
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    Oil workers on strike in Houston and across U.S.

    With the struggles of middle east and OPEC trying to get fuel barrel prices back up, along with domestic US oil production/refineries such as central states (Wyoming), they need to struggle to break even with crashing prices. OPEC wants USA to lose money and quit the oil industry. This is going...
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    Apple sued over iOS8 storage

    Cloud just means your pictures and other media can be stored online. Remember Jennifer Lawrence and other scandal stuff from last year? They got their Apple iCloud hacked/phished or whatever. The only downside with cloud is it means that anyone who is a serious hacker can attempt to get into...
  11. naisho

    Apple sued over iOS8 storage

    The storage sizes are still honest. It's still 8gb/16/etc., available total when fully formatted and wiped, but they (apple) didn't state how much space is going to be allocated to the OS and other developer level stuff. Partition size available and allocation has been misleading for a long...
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    Best university for deaf studies in US/Canada

    Try looking here: You may want to try: • Gallaudet University - Washington, District of Columbia (USA) • Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) - Rochester, New York (USA) • California State University, Northridge -...
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    "Join date, Location, Status"

    What about members who are not interested to disclose their hearing status? The reason why alldeaf has posts archived from over a decade ago is because of the lack of modifications and external add-ons that aren't from the natural build release of vbulletin. We are still on a 3.x release...
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    is the economic collapse becoming more real in USA?

    Economic collapse in what way? When you talk about riots, firearms and protests it sounds more like you meant to say that USA may go into a civil war? Economically, USA is still trying to fight back from recession, but I personally think a part of the huge gains was due to the tech boom in...
  15. naisho

    I don't know if this is true or not that Rich People can get their hearing back.

    Are you sure it's not a CI clinic? There's no non-invasive method to restore hearing that the science world know of, other than Stem cells, which are still in clinical trials for a long time.
  16. naisho

    NYPD Cop in Chokehold Death Loses Gun, Badge

    Things happen too fast in real life. 9/10 officers would not want to kill somebody if they were in a situation like that. Some of these cops who went overboard and killed someone might have mental or psychological stuff going on and need to be re-evaluated if they are fit to be in the line of duty.
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    Command & Conquer... Your Thoughts?

    I have tried out several C&C's back in the days. It was a very solid genre. original command and conquer for dos, sometime back in early 90s, along with the covert operations. Red alert - legit for its time Tiberian Sun, really liked that one Then I tried out the FPS, C&C generals, Red Alert...
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    Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving

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    Second Ebola victim diagnoed in USA

    Other than certain food, I doubt we import a lot of products from Africa. The chances of ebola being transmitted outside of direct human contact is almost zero in the USA. Now if someone ebola positive had their blood or drooled on that banana, or something like that there may be a chance...