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    This an incrediable film

    I can't remember what happened in the end?? Going to see if I can find the DVD tomorrow and watch it again. I'd like to know first if it is a sad end..because then I don't want my daughter to see it. Maybe JamieLynn remembers the end?
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    This an incrediable film

    With the excellent photography you would think it is new allright. My wife bought the DVD about 6 years ago
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    The Great Race

    Thank you! and I appreciate you taking the time to read it
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    The Great Race

    A short story, 900 words if you can stick it out! The Great Race Every animal in Evergreen Wood knew that Harry Mouse was the fastest Mouse in the forest. Often his friends would sit around swapping tales of how Harry’s speed had saved him from danger. Such as the time when an angry...
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    A Thread About Absolutely Nothing! Part II

    :) I've just noticed the Alldeaf Shamrock! Holiday day here tomorrow!...No work!! :monkey: Happy Saint Patricks day everyone! .
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    Hello! ~ Kelsie Here!

    :welcome: to Alldeaf! .
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    This an incrediable film

    Yea, great film. I do believe I have it on DVD somewhere...must be in the attic. Much have a search for it later!
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    Two Puppies!

    :aw: good luck with the pups! Keep us posted!:)
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    Hi, my name is Ralph.

    :welcome: to Alldeaf! .
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    Learn to read and write foreign languages

    Could you not just do an on-line course and not bother with the sound end of it? Interesting...think I will look into it myself!
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    :welcome: to Alldeaf!
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    New here from Iowa

    :welcome: to Alldeaf!
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    New User from Washington state!

    :welcome: to Alldeaf! .
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    My first Deaf Event!!!

    Why are you nervous? If you went into a Spanish cafe were the guy behind the counter could not understand English, and you tried to order a cup of tea with the few words of Spanish that you knew...would you be nervous? There is no need to be nervous! Nobody is going to bite you. Deaf people...
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    Wisdom teeth extraction

    When I was 18 a dentist told me I should have my wisdom teeth removed. I said not now some other time. Every time I have gone to a dentist since then for the odd filling every 2 or 3 years, I get told the same thing. Last time [5 years ago] she insisted on making a appointment for me to...
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    Jokes to offend everyone

    :hmm: I'm take a guess that it was the Italian one? .
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    campings ok...for the kids though it's great fun. So, I always go in the summer when it's warm.
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    How do you know for sure if your partner is cheating on you??

    :giggle: unknown underwear in the bed!... bit of a give-a-way allright!! .
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    Are you afraid of needles

    Once, I had surgery and was in hospital for two months. I worked out that I had around 110 needles in 8 weeks! Good job they don't bother me! :lol: .
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    More More More Meow Pix!

    :lol: that's the friendliest cat i've ever seen. A bit to trusting with strangers maybe, might get him into trouble some day. But 10 out of 10 for cuteness!:aw: