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    Ever walked in on your ex?

    I am *SO* sorry for you and this situation! This is bad on *ALL* levels! He do not respect you enough, after SIX year, to keep his 'ho' away from the home? Even though you both know you have needed to share the home for financial reasons until two week from now? He is horrid. SHE is...
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    Birth Control Efficiency

    I had two daughters then miscarriage and was told same thing. My third child conceived on birth control 7 years later. My fourth child conceived after husband have vasectomy almost 3 year after that. I then get fixed so no more surprise.:giggle:
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    Hearing women dating deaf/HoH men

    :ty: So shocked he single. :roll:
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    Should I let him go or keep him?

    ^^^^^^ Yeah this! It happen to me a lot. Just because with hearing people I suddenly become invisible.:roll:
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    Sunny! You're in bigggg trouble!!!!!

    Happy birthday Sun Girl!! :hyper:
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    Why are you deaf?

    I'm a Rubella baby from the 60s. :wave:
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    Orgasm During Childbirth

    May have something to do with PSAS also except I do not really exhibit powerful symptoms back then like I do now. Think just random experience and I do not scream out "Oh god" when it happen. :giggle:
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    Orgasm During Childbirth

    :giggle: Figures hey? I did not watch video. Not much to say except it only happen 2nd delivery of 4 total. I had no drug except nitrous oxide? and I think this relax me so much..whole body feel high from drug but while daughter deliver experience orgasm at same time. Do not really know...
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    Orgasm During Childbirth

    I had an orgasm with second daughter. 43 minutes of supposed labour and only had a headache then orgasm during birth. Crazy.
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    Michelle Obama knows ASL!

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    Can someone who is severely deaf talk normally?

    What was it like to just be allow be deaf? No voice. No oral.?
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    Need help with congenital problem...

    I did not know you also start hearing loss. But suppose related genetics to son.
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    Have to share...

    Feel like boyfriend..lately figure something out. Maybe because reading here and not know. Suppose seem like speak same language. The other night we go for pub and sign whole evening. He good student and maybe just forget for a few weeks language necessity. Me very happy. :)
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    Child crying while CI being activated...

    That is because his parents have made it clear they want a hearie child. The kid has learned to conform. We learn early about visual cues. :roll:
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    Child crying while CI being activated...

    That just broke my heart. Poor little boy using his language to tell them 'hurt' and they F@#$ing laugh?? Audism at its finest. :roll:
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    I am new here.

    :giggle: Why did I know you would say??? LOL