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  1. Ephesians2_8

    Have the Jehovah Witness people come to your door?

    Noah's flood is a picture of Salvation. Those who listened will be saved. Btw, do JW believe in a second chance in Paradise? I heard something like that. I still think they will disobey the Lord even if they try. I tell you why, it is because NO ONE can have a free will and be sinless. It is...
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    Do You Believe in Ghosts ? Evil Spirits ?

    It just mean you can't rely on a Jewish's interpretation of the bible if they haven't accepted Christ as their Messiah. And Jesus (which the jewish don't believe in or any of the New testaments) made it clear who Satan was: Luk 4:5 And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed...
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    Do You Believe in Ghosts ? Evil Spirits ?

    The Jews don't believe that Jesus is their Messiah either. Not yet anyway.
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    How Can You Love God and Hate Someone ?

    I don't hate gay people. In fact, My dear friend was gay. Sadly he died from diabete unexpectly and I still miss him. I hope he was saved, I did happen to bring up God to him before he died. Maybe he listened, I surely hope he did because I really want him in heaven. He was a wonderful, caring...
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    News Video clip on about CI's

    I agree too. as site quoted: We can't expect normal hearing from deaf child even with cochlear implants.
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    What it feels like while wearing the CI?

    ahh, I must be thinking of something else...I think it was turning vibration into electrical impulse. Sorry.
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    The End of False Religious is Near!! Videoclip 5 different sign Language country

    Why do you need a HUMAN JW person to straighten your life. Why can't Jehovah straighten your life for you? Which is it? Jehovah or Human? It seem to me that you are just waiting for a human, not God, to straighten your life. You know, You CAN ask the Lord to forgive you and save you right now...
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    What it feels like while wearing the CI?

    I think it is like this. Let's say you are driving down the road and you feel a car with a music boom box coming behind you, but he is 3 or 4 cars away so the vibration is very faint to you. But when he decided to turn volume up louder, the vibration get stronger. That's how hearing aids work...
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    How Can You Love God and Hate Someone ?

    Instead of reading bits of verses here and there and forming a small picture what God meant, I think you should read Genesis, Psalms, Jonah, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and look at the bigger picture.
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    I'm getting a hearing aid

    If you like musics, I say go for analog hearing aids. If you hate backgrounds, some digitals are good for that. But the bad side of of digitals is that they will filter out musics when you don't want it to. At least mine did. I don't know about the latest HA's though. If you have...
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    Thanksgivng, A True Meaning

    Not to mention, Indians kill other Indians. I don't think they go in wars though. Or maybe they did. I can't remember. the Earth is getting crowded, People would end up invading in their land anyway if they haven't done so a long time ago. There is no way the Indians could stop it unless...
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    What it feels like while wearing the CI?

    since you want to be a doctor,In my opinion, I think you should get two CIs. It will definitely help you through college.
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    If Whites never bring Slaves here...

    I agree with you. Our country did a whole lot better without slavery. When slavery ended, everyone had a paying job to support their family , and that is what helped the economy grow. If you aren't being paid because you are a slave, you wouldn't be able afford to buy things. How can the...
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    Virginia ( State) about down pant

    no difference than wearing shoes, short and shirts in stores after coming in from the beach. It's good news for me because I hope this mean rednecks will start covering their butt cracks and undies (And people who don't pull up their pant for fashion statement reminds me of those rednecks).
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    Church folks held snakes!!!!

    Aren't you doing the same thing to the Lord? Robbing him from people who could have love him but listened to you instead? Murdering him by saying he doesn't exist? Beating him by saying all kinds bad things about the Lord? (I know, it a bad post, I am not very good expressing myself. It's one...
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    Church folks held snakes!!!!

    The Way of the Master <---take this test and find out if you are a sinner or not. hmmm, this have someone speaking, so it take longer, let me find another one. The Good Person Test <---here you go/
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    to late???

    She was never aided because she was FULLY hearing on her left ear back then, so HA at the time was not a neccessary. It is the same reason why some insurance didn't think we need two cochlear implants.
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    Church folks held snakes!!!!

    Did you read my link????? Also, there were alot of "Greedy", "Wealthy", "abusive" people who wanted to keep slaves. Why don't you stop blaming on Religion, and start realizing that ALL people are sinners who do stupid things. True devoted Christians were poor and they cared about God more...
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    Church folks held snakes!!!!

    That's partly true, and we can hang our heads for that. Darwinism caused it too. I remember reading/watching about a chart comparing races on PBS and people in those days took it seriously. Scientific racism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ...... and look how they treated this guy: Ota...