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  1. darkangel8603

    my son is deaf, finally

    I don't think it's the teachers that are failure. Deaf teacher are great teachers, same as hearing teachers.. it's the education that Deaf gets, that is lousy. They need to improve education for the d/Deaf and HoH people.
  2. darkangel8603

    ADHD or ADD

    thats ok souggy. for example, the mania in me makes me easily distracted and cant concentrate very well. the depression makes me too hmm depressed to focus, like cant think clearly. so you can see how those symtoms can be similar to one with add or adhd.
  3. darkangel8603

    my son is deaf, finally

    This is ridiculous. First thing off, people with CI do not get it because of self esteem issues. I did not get my CI cuz I thought it would help my self esteem. Second thing, being deaf/Deaf is not a disability but it is an issue, because you cannot hear, and u have to work harder to be...
  4. darkangel8603

    ADHD or ADD

    I know what bipolar is, i was diagnosed with bipolar at 14 yrs old and had struggled with it for the last 9 years, so I know what bipolar is all about. Thanks I dun need your explanation to me about what it is.
  5. darkangel8603

    Dogs and T Storms!

    We have 3 dogs. 1 is really scared of storms and fireworks, she would jump into the bathtub and stay there, but come out to check on us to make sure we are ok then go back and jump back in the tub. She had been doing this ever since she was a pup. The other one is a little nervous, but not...
  6. darkangel8603

    If you had to have a sign above your head all the time, what would it say?

    1 of my shirt said 'Go away so I can miss you' and another one but i cant remember it, it said "Did it sound like I said Tell me everything about your life" or something like that.. other things my sign would say... proceed with caution do not mess with me Manic Life Rocks I'm...
  7. darkangel8603

    If given the chance to be hearing would you?

    no i like being deaf, i like the silence sometimes, if i get a mirage the silence is usually helpful. I can just turn on and off my hearing lol.
  8. darkangel8603


    I would feel offended if someone texted in my company. I feel that if I am in someone's company or they are in my company texting someone else is considered rude. if it was an emergency, explain to the friend saying oh brb it serious or something like that then apologize when u get back...
  9. darkangel8603

    Will cochlear implants be obsolete when stem cells comes?

    Only if that was possible... I'd get rid of my bipolar too. :-S :-D but seriously there are millions of people who have 'issues' with their bodies. It just the way we are made period. we were born that way and that's it. some may be caused by diseases some may be cause by birth who knows but...
  10. darkangel8603

    My damaged car (accident)

    glad to hear that u are alright. it's amazing how little time u look away from the road can impact the driving. I had experienced close call and am like shit, always look at road when driving not at pager/sidekick, looking for other things etc lol.
  11. darkangel8603

    Woman volunteered to be deaf(or rather, HOH) for a day

    with my CI, I'm still hearing sounds, can't ingore it lol. I'm trying to think of a time or sound that I had tuned out by now.. lol
  12. darkangel8603

    False Fire alarms at Gallaudet/NTID

    oh man i remember the fire alarms in ballard west in 2006. ughh. That is one thing I dont miss about Gally.
  13. darkangel8603

    Deaf Boyfriend versus Hearing Boyfriend...

    for me it wouldn't matter whether my mates are deaf or hearing, as long as they can communicate with me well enuf i will be happy.
  14. darkangel8603

    ADHD or ADD

    myself had been diagnosed with adhd at age 18, but i don't believe it. I also had been diagnosed with bipolar at age 14, so i believe that the adhd part is all bipolar behaviours lol.
  15. darkangel8603

    When did you come out?

    I understand how u feel dixie, i feel the exact same way lol. hope someday we will find someone to love. I came out to my two closest friends when I was i think 15 on the city bus, they were surprised but didnt care lol. then i just gradually told anybody who asked that i was bi. I still...
  16. darkangel8603

    Who loves Math?

    Hilarious, I needed those laughs. I like math, its fun to figure out, but I am not good at it, especially complex algebra
  17. darkangel8603

    wouldn't want to make friend with someone who's not good with grammar english...

    Thats stupid, I have alot of friends who doesn't have perfect grammar or english but they are still my dear friends. I just be patient with them when we are talking thru written communication (emails, im pager etc) and try to figure out what they are saying. then go from there. Sometime I will...
  18. darkangel8603

    siamese cat

    Cool, I didn't know they had siamese rats. he's cute
  19. darkangel8603

    CI scar

    i have scars all over, but surgical scars 3 areas, my feet, my ear and my forehead. they are all still visable, not so much my forehead it pretty hard to see but if you look very close u can see it. my foot scar is from 16 yrs ago, my forehead is 9 yrs ago, and ear is 2 yrs ago. but i love my...