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  1. MsGiglz


    Now we have to worry about Radioactive Fallout..
  2. MsGiglz

    Wii Sports

    we just got our wii.. OMG i love it.. wiifits is out of stock.. so we will be waiting for it.. I played few games.. OMG i am so exhausted and sore stiff.. its great!.. our kids been playing nonstop for a month.. they are into fit already lol! :)
  3. MsGiglz

    Where do you put the empty glasses Bottle?

    we have recycle bins.. separate glasses, metal, aluminum, papers.. if you want recycle bins.. call your waste management to send you recycle bins.. sometimes they will send you one.. but ask for lists what not put in or put in.. :)
  4. MsGiglz


    I just wonder.. about DeafLife... is it still alive or dead? I havent see it around lately.. whats going on.. I remembered that DeafLife was pending for while but... is it back or? thanks! :)
  5. MsGiglz

    Police cars

    since we moved to Clarksburg, WV.. i was surprised how fancied cop cars are.. they are brand new mustang.. heh. -.- spoiled brats
  6. MsGiglz

    happy birthday to alex ;)

    Happy Birthday Boss! :) very nice 32.. still young.. enjoy your day! :fruit: huggs.~
  7. MsGiglz

    Pls Pray For Punkywolfy!

    HEY PUNKY!! I am behind.. I am so sorry that you have to go through.. I hope you get better. ! :) dang.. hit or stratched by the door metal hidges.. same with my son.. couple years ago. he went by and hit his head.. had 6 stapled stitches.. heh. hes ok now. :) phew.. take easy...
  8. MsGiglz

    ringing in ears.

    I have those, too.. its been almost 1 1/2 years now.. its called vertigo.. its really driving me nuts.. no mediences help.. but I have been taking my blood pressure and heart meds.. its been less lately.. but still dizzy on and off.. i am afraid that i might be passed out in someplaces or...
  9. MsGiglz

    "Mother's ring" - ring with birthstone for each of the kids

    I am waiting for my own! :D my mom never had one.. but grandmas did..
  10. MsGiglz

    In Loving Memory...

    Aww.. I am sorry to hear about Cassie.. I feel bad that Cassie didnt have chance to grow up with her baby and baby have no mother to raise/I hope her dad will be there 100%.. but she will look down over.. pray for the strength and wisdom.. Consolence to your friend and her family.. Huggs...
  11. MsGiglz

    Wheat Bread good for birds?????

    Dont worry!!.. Wheat is part of grain.. birds do eat grains.. :) but will fat them up nicely lol hehe :)
  12. MsGiglz

    Just thought to share this...

    Thank you all again..
  13. MsGiglz

    Alldeaf did have April Fool's Day this morning

    probably put all of us banned (fake) hehe. :giggle:
  14. MsGiglz

    Just thought to share this...

    :fruit: :dance: Thank you all .. we realized that we felt happier.. to get out of our hair that have been hanging over our heads for long time.. "my fiance or my fiancee or my gf.. or my bf" lol. also it sure put smile on our faces.. hehe. thanks again! :)
  15. MsGiglz

    Alldeaf did have April Fool's Day this morning

    when I logged on this early morning .. maybe I think about 6:45am.. I saw the alldeaf backward.. and logon too.. and threads, too!.. hehe.. Good try Alex :P but good one tho!
  16. MsGiglz

    Just thought to share this...

    aww..its all forgiven.. I totally understand! :D
  17. MsGiglz

    Just thought to share this...

    Aww.. Thanks all!! Big question about MsGiglz.. that is my long time screen name.. Of course.. email will be change to Mrstaylor if i can if not will try other way. but as for AIM.. I dunno.. :) hehe. thank you all again! :)
  18. MsGiglz

    Just thought to share this...

    Some of you all know I have been with my man Marcus Taylor for long time.. now this coming July 2008 will be our 7th year.. so we decided went out to court house this morning.. got our marriage license.. we have been together for long time.. we still faith each other.. love each other even...
  19. MsGiglz

    Remember Them?

    Aww.. they grew old just like us.. :giggle: but its good to see them again!
  20. MsGiglz

    The 3 New Mods

    Congrats to Jollie77.....~SG~.....and Chase... Wish you all the best lucks.. I know you all will do good job..