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  1. momtotoes

    Article : vocabulary growth in toddlers

    DId you notice I used quotes when I said "facts"? I don't believe what you throw out is truly factual. You may see it as such, but I do not. If I considered this argument important enough, I would take the time to find and post my own "facts" counter yours, but I frankly don't have the...
  2. momtotoes

    Article : vocabulary growth in toddlers

    I can't believe I am getting sucked into this argument. But I feel compelled to ask what it is you are suggesting Cloggy shouldn't believe. Are you saying he shouldn't believe this?: Because if you are, then you have me totally baffled. Are you saying Cloggy shouldn't believe...
  3. momtotoes

    Cedar Point or any other amusement parks rides + CI's = any restrictions?

    I am so sad! I didn't know this past weekend was Deaf Awareness at CP. I would have definitely taken my daughter. Humph.
  4. momtotoes

    Article : vocabulary growth in toddlers

    Great article, Neecy! It is too bad I had to slog through three pages of arguments to get to say that, though. ;) I am printing it and adding it to my files about language development. And I am also keeping it in mind when I find myself speaking solely in one syllable words to Toes.
  5. momtotoes

    Michael Chorost Speaking at CI Convention July 14 !

    This may be the same video... I don't know. Listen. Listening Guide. Michael Chorost, Electronic Listener :D
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    Michael Chorost Speaking at CI Convention July 14 !

    I think he found my blog through I had just registered there and the site owner added a link to my blog on her home page. The next day I had a comment from him. :D It may have helped that I had also just added a link to a video clip of him discussing his CI...
  7. momtotoes

    Michael Chorost Speaking at CI Convention July 14 !

    Awesome! I wish I could go. :( He commented on my blog once and I got all giddy that someone so famous actually took the time for little old me.:giggle: He is definitely a very nice guy!
  8. momtotoes

    Problem with our daughter - Bi-lateral CI

    :giggle: LOVE it!!!! And I CAN'T WAIT. :D
  9. momtotoes

    Why adults choose CI's for their children

    WOW! So much advice! Thank you all very, very much. :ty: :ty: :ty: I only have a minute, so I can't comment on everything just yet... but, - Columbus is also far away - 2 1/2 hours. - No, we are not rural in the least. My thought with Millridge is basically to do what Jillio...
  10. momtotoes

    Why adults choose CI's for their children

    It is not the Ohio School for the Deaf. I think that is in Cincinnati. VERY far away. The school I am referring to is Millridge. It is part of a public school system. We are also planning to start talking to the school districts in the area to find out what they can offer Erin. We are...
  11. momtotoes

    Why adults choose CI's for their children

    There is one Deaf School in our area and it is an hour away. The plus side is that it is part of the public school system. The downside is that we would have to move an hour from our jobs to make it possible for her to attend that school. But, we are still looking into it. We want to make...
  12. momtotoes

    Why adults choose CI's for their children

    I agree... people can be both. I just struggle on how to best go about that, with the limited Deaf resources in my community. Finding the Deaf community in my area is difficult. We seem to live in a pocket of horrendous resources.
  13. momtotoes

    Why adults choose CI's for their children

    This whole subject seems so simple until I start reading all the differing viewpoints. It makes it tough. Do I just go with what I feel is right? Or do I try to look into all the differing opinions - preconceived notions and all. Sometimes I worry that I have not been...
  14. momtotoes

    We Need Current Info Before Writing Off Cochlear Implants

    This is a very interesting thread! I very much relate to what Drew's Dad and Cloggy are saying. And I really appreciate reading what the others have to say in response. My daughter (21 months, activated 6 months ago) has very few signs. Our intent was to start using it in the home...
  15. momtotoes

    Ashley's CI surgery

    I believe you made the right choice as well. I will be following your story and can't wait to see how sweet Ashley does with her CI.
  16. momtotoes

    Implants and Active kids

    Erin is mostly pretty good about keeping the coil on. Like Issac and Lotte, Toes wears the BTE processor instead of the body worn. But we pin the unit itself to her clothing, though two hairbands wrapped around the BTE. That being said... we do have pop offs in the car seat, while rough...
  17. momtotoes

    Experiences with my daughter.

    Cloggy and Lotte have been very helpful to me as well. Thank you!!!!! :D
  18. momtotoes

    Children with CI.... Hard of hearing or just behind in language.??

    I get what you are trying to say, Cloggy. I suppose I would, eh? ;) I believe the jury is still out on what is the best course of action for our children. Or what the proper "labeling" of our children should be. (Although I know we both hate labels) I like to think that kids like...
  19. momtotoes

    Son's CI surgery

    Fragmenter, I am so excited for you and your son both!!!!!!! I am looking forward to hearing about how his second surgery goes.
  20. momtotoes

    Surgery scheduled - friendly only please

    V's Mom, that is great that she will get to spend the night. :) I know it would have eased my mind to be with experts the first night. I am very confident that by the next morning you will be dying to go home. I know Victoria is going to do beautifully!