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  1. vvti low rolla

    Paying a Baby-sitter

    damn, ya all selfish for money :ugh2: if my families ask me babysit their kids. it's free cause they are my family other than my family, i charge them like bunch as their income for per yr
  2. vvti low rolla

    Help! If cancelling AOL..

    wtf? i used aol and aim same sn...then i cancelled the aol, im still using same sn but at aim. the buddy list from aol is still same at aim buddy list. nothing changed, but can't email same sn at or whatever.
  3. vvti low rolla

    ARGHHHHHHH *kicks the pillow*

    goddamn, if he don't want tell then respect him, you dunno nothin and it's not ur fkin' business. :slap:
  4. vvti low rolla

    Hi everyone! :)

    WTF!? Bella aka prissy!? Or shawna? or MIA!? :rl:
  5. vvti low rolla

    im back....

    thanks, ya guys... hacker, what if i was? did you stalkin me? :squint:
  6. vvti low rolla

    im back....

    and see many new deafies, i guess? so take care
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    Deaf Group Lottery

  8. vvti low rolla


    she's my gf... :ily:
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    HELLLLOOOOOOOOOOO :wave: ADers!!! This is SOS, Rolla's gf SUP????
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    Memory of greencateyes

    I SAID I THINK...but if you knew then it's all good then.
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    Funny but true names of towns, cities, and villages

    blue ball, pa and Intercourse, pa were very near where i lived in pa...both of them are about 15 miles apart.
  12. vvti low rolla

    Memory of greencateyes

    she was rit student and she killed herself..(I THINK) I met her through my homey's ex bec they were soroity sisters.
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    Deaf Football League is coming soon @ California

    pa? ok, who's coach? i think they already set up..but not in dfl...they plays a deaf team aginist hearing team...i forgot what league called.
  14. vvti low rolla

    Deaf Football League is coming soon @ California

    we already have in pa, but i don't know what happened to them right now. they asked me to join, i said no thanks. i have no time.
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    place to live in nyc

    all places in the world aren't safe.
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    wrong, it should be BOOTY, not BOOTY CALL back in my young year...late teen year. the booty call means just few chicks...if i want sex..i go and call one of them..i said i want sex. she said sure...then we bam then left...there are no relationship...or one night stand..just friend sex. few...
  17. vvti low rolla

    help. have huge crush on deaf person

    how old re you ? in middle schools....forget it! in my h.s. many hearings wanted go out with they did end up dated with me...they gave me a note...i wrote back and forth..we end up went out for lunch or blah...i knew she wanted date me...bec she seem more interesting into
  18. vvti low rolla

    CC in TV Guide or you will be fine...why need stupid books if you can see it at internet...there have cc icon... in 10 years later from now, we don't have books anymore....there will be on line books bec we save trees :fu2:
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    please help me to find my bestfriend....

    okay, it got my attention, who's she? where in pa?
  20. vvti low rolla

    please help me to find my bestfriend....