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  1. zajko

    How do i explain i don't want my hearing aids?

    Just a few facts: CI surgery is not a brain surgery, it's head/ear surgery. And there is one implant type which is quite MRI compatible - check Synchronny from Med-El if you are at least remotely interested in CIs. (not saying you have to get it.. just clarifying. Good luck in your life with...
  2. zajko

    Whether to consider hearing aids/cochlear

    Well, sorry, English is not my mother tongue, so yeah, I might sometimes choose wrong words. I meant that without any hearing input it's very likely that she would be fully involved in the deaf community only and her ability to communicate with the hearing world could be more limited than it...
  3. zajko

    Whether to consider hearing aids/cochlear

    Then she should probably also talk to hundreds of people with hearing aids or cochlear implants who are involved in the hearing world, or in both hearing and deaf worlds. I can't speak for the US, but in my country it's like this: there is a small, but sometimes pretty loud group which is...
  4. zajko

    Cochlear and bimodal hearing aid

    I don't have any experience with Tmic since Cochlear doesn't have it, but regarding the Kanso placement - I was actually surprised that the sound is same as with BTE processor. They found some way to compensate the "weird" placement and it works pretty well. So it actually doesn't matter that...
  5. zajko

    Specific request: born deaf implanted or not as babies please!

    I wasn't born deaf, but I lost my hearing at the age of 2, so I don't remember natural hearing at all. I had hearing aids for 10 years, then I got implant at 12 - my parents knew about it since I was around 6 years old, but were scared as it was a new technology at that time in my country (in...
  6. zajko

    Kanso - thoughts?

    Hi, just this past weekend we had a CI users meeting and I had the opportunity to try Kanso for a couple hours. I'm currently using a N5 with magnet strength 5. With Kanso I used magnet #6 (the strongest one) and it was pretty ok, although I also used the hair clip to be sure it doesn't fall. I...
  7. zajko

    Hard-copy Resource/citation On Cochlear Implants And Tasers

    This is a very interesting question, so I went to google some info - from what I read, tasers shouldn't do any big damage to those with medical implants. I don't have any hard-fact citations, I'd just like to say that it might not be as dangerous as it sounds.
  8. zajko

    Beginning The Process For Ci

    Jesse, maybe try Facebook groups for CI users. You will probably get more responses there and they will be more helpful that some of these above.
  9. zajko

    The Cochlear Implant Isn't Always What You Think It Is

    Hearing people can think what they want - sooner or later they'll realize they might be wrong. But you would do better if you went educating them, not still beating a dead horse here, because we know how it is. And to be honest, you don't.
  10. zajko

    The Cochlear Implant Isn't Always What You Think It Is

    deafdyke, what problem do you have with implanted people who still use closed captions and similar services? CI doesn't fix people, it helps them to hear more than they would without CI. And it doesn't matter what the "final" level of hearing with CI is, as long as it helps at least somehow. So...
  11. zajko

    How powerful are your hearing aids/CIs

    HOH2000: CI is NOT any amplification, it's direct electric stimulation of the hearing nerve. And with my CI I can hear pretty everything, I just don't understand everything :)
  12. zajko

    CI Surgery approved today

    This setting is great if you want just to listen, but not that much when you also want to speak, at least for me. When talking on the phone, I need to hear myself as well to know if I'm not talking too silent or too loud..
  13. zajko

    Activation - Med El Synchrony

    Ri Sol, I have a friend who was also pretty unhappy with her CI at first and preferred the combination of HA+CI to actually understand, but after a few months she got used to the CI sound and now she likes it very much and hears pretty well. So I think that your situation is also pretty normal...
  14. zajko

    CI durability?

    It is always a really bad idea to hit the head, but the implant should withstand it. Someone in our facebook CI group once said that their audiologist told them that generally the implant is more durable than skull :) But I definitely don't want to try it personally ;)
  15. zajko

    My brother's CI expiriance

    BP: I have two friends who have Rondo, use it as their only processor and absolutely love it. They also have the Opus 2, but I don't know if they have ever tried it, because they are satisfied with Rondo.. so I guess it's different for everyone.
  16. zajko

    Cochlear Implants Facts

    I'd rename that article to Cochlear Implants - Facts, Wrong Facts, Misleading Facts and Irrelevant Facts :-)
  17. zajko

    CI sound sample

    Just info - don't take these samples seriously. In the end it's about recipient's brain - at the beginning the sound can be even more weird than in these samples and when the person will eventually get used to the sound provided by CI, it usually sounds normal to him. The brain just adapts...
  18. zajko

    Cochlear Implantation benefits

    If you are used to sound, you should get pretty good results. I have a few friends who were profoundly deaf since birth or early childhood and they just recently got CI (they are 30-40 years old now) .. now they are re-learning to hear, but their results are quite promising, they already hear a...
  19. zajko

    Cochlear Implantation benefits

    I think that children's life is different - they are just kids and there aren't as high "requirements" (school, work, life, ..) as adults have. I also don't remember any problems from the time when I had hearing aids - and my hearing was already quite poor, I relied mostly on lipreading, but I...
  20. zajko

    My Activation

    lol - I've always thought that laptop fans are wayy too noisy, especialy when I'm running something what makes the computer work hard :)